This Restaurant Just Brought The International Raclette Cheese Trend To Karachi

By Saad Zubair | 30 Nov, 2017

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Raclette Cheese is a form of cheese that is popular in Sweden and France. According to Kitchn, the name is derived from the French word “to scrape”. It “makes up a simple meal that was enjoyed by shepherds in the fields. They would boil up some potatoes, and heat a stone and melt a bit of the raclette cheese on the hot stone. Once melted, the cheese was scraped off and served on top of the potatoes.”


This international cheese craze has now arrived in Pakistan, all thanks to this one restaurant in Karachi

A new restaurant in Karachi’s Defence area, Grotto Cafe, is serving Raclette cheese with a few of their menu items.

You can order it with any chicken or steak dish on the menu according to Kashif at Grotto Cafe.


This oozy cheese has been a favorite of Instagrammers around the world

This cheese looks absolutely mouthwatering. It just takes your steak or grilled chicken meal to a whole new level. We’ve seen restaurants go overboard when it comes to cheese. One restaurant in Lahore did this and the results were not appetizing at all.

However, Grotto Cafe isn’t overloading their meals with Raclette cheese. It’s used more as a topping on the dish you order at the restaurant.

A few menu items that are especially prepared with the cheese include The Classic Raclette, Raclette Platter and Parisienne Racelette.

Source: Grotto Cafe

Do check out the place and try out Raclette Cheese on your food at Grotto Cafe and let us know how you liked it.


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