Pakistani Courts Helped This Indian Woman Get Away From Her Abusive Husband And Now She's Calling Pakistan A “Death Well”

By Ather Ahmed | 26 May, 2017

After this Indian woman was helped by the Pakistani courts to flee from her abusive Pakistani husband, back to her home in India, she is accusing Pakistani for being a “death well”.

The Islamabad High Court has allowed Indian citizen Uzma Ahmed, who was reportedly married against her will to a Pakistani man, to return home. According to Uzma’s claims, she came to Pakistan earlier in May where a man named Tahir forced her to marry him at gunpoint. The twenty year old subsequently reached out to the Islamabad High Court two weeks ago to issue her duplicate travel documents as the original were stolen by Tahir.


In her plea she also said that her son from her previous marriage suffered from thalassaemia as such it was crucial for her to return home



Meanwhile, her ex-husband Tahir’s council still claims that the Nikkah was performed with Uzma’s consent, and not forcefully

Following the hearing Uzma went to the Indian High Commission in Pakistan where she stayed until all arrangements for her return journey were made.


Earlier this week she traveled back to her hometown in New Delhi where she was received by her family



Despite the heated tensions between India and Pakistan especially in regard to the Kulbhushan Jadhav situation, the court proceedings carried out rather swiftly


The verdict is a clear example of when the system works. The legal system supporting Uzma without any political bias is something to be commended. It’s a major win for Pakistan if we think about it.


Indian Minister Sushma Swaraj took the opportunity to welcome Uzma

But after she returned to India, Uzma has now accused Pakistan of being a “well of death”

According to Hindustan Times, Uzma told reports at New Delhi, “it’s easy to go to Pakistan, but tough to return. Pakistan is a well of death. Even those who go there after arrange marriages are crying”.


“They (in-laws) have tortured me in many ways, threatened to kidnap my daughter. So I agreed to marry him to save my daughter. He used to beat me up. Because of my daughter I signed it, they scared me so much that I signed,” Uzma said at the joint press conference with Swaraj.


At a time when the two countries are going through some of their lowest points in their relationships, it is a great sight to see Islamabad High Court helping out a woman in need. We can only hope Uzma can also see the rest of Pakistan with a less biased lense, as well.


Cover image vai: / PTI Photo

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