This Indian Restaurant Is Serving Pasta Biryani And People Are Disgusted, Obviously

By Hurmat Riaz | 27 Aug, 2017

When it comes to biryani, we desis are all very particular about it. Those yellow, orange-golden rice, served like royalty can turn around anyone’s mood because that is what biryani does.


We love all the varieties of Biryani like Sindhi, Hyderabadi, Bombay and whatnot

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But one thing that we can stand is when people start messing with it to the point where it’s not pure biryani any more.


Like when a Bengali restaurant introduced a biryani pizza

I mean, what even, bro?

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And now just when we thought that the world has taken a break from messing with biryani, we found this:

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Samjh nahi ayi?


A restaurant in Pune, India is serving “pasta biryani

*Let that sink in. Phir agay parhna.*

and instead of  just plain ol’ raita, there is OREGANO RAITA

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Now imagine how it would taste (it actually doesn’t sound like a bad combo, but c’mon yaarBiryani ka mazaak nahi)? Something like white sauce oregano pasta but with… Biryani.

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People are, well obviously, not having it

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Biryani ka mazak nahi hai yaar


Biryani alone rules the world (and our taste buds) it needs no partner


Seriously, why?


Respect biryani, please


Some in India even took a dig at politics over this Biryani


But this guy thinks kay khana khana hota hai. Chahay kuch bhi ho


Somethings are better left the way they are originally, we say. Like biryani, Sayonee, pizza, Lal Meri Patt, chai etc.

Would you ever try pasta biryani?


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