Imran Khan Thinks Feminism Has Degraded Motherhood And A Lot Of People Are Triggered

By Sajeer Shaikh | 17 Jun, 2018

Imran Khan is a name that catches everyone’s attention and is very frequently a part of the news, especially these days. Supposedly poor decisions, some U-turns and of course, Reham Khan’s book – it seems like there’s a lot going on in his life right now than usual. And a recent update has pretty much just piled stuff on.

A video has been making rounds on social media where Imran Khan is seen to take a seemingly anti-feminist stance.

Just to make sure we’re all on the same page, let’s accept this as the definition of feminism

Source: the

There are countless branches and aspects of feminism itself, but let’s just use this definition for now. Here’s the thing, the movement doesn’t really have a great fanbase in Pakistan, in large part for being misunderstood so it’s still trying to find its footing. As such, it can be a pretty sensitive topic for a lot of people especially those advocating for the equality of women.

Khair, Imran Khan’s statement has ruffled feathers online and has started debates, like this one:


People are also questioning Khan Sahab’s understanding of feminism.

When one of the biggest political leaders of Pakistan doesn’t understand feminism, it does pose a big problem for the advancement of women’s rights in Pakistan unfortunately. If anything, listening to this will only further the negative sentiments held by so many people against feminism.

Some people have even picked up on problematic aspects of his statements.

Others weren’t really surprised by what he said.


People even had this wonderful comeback for the argument against “Western feminism.”


And some people challenged him to a debate on the matter.

And I don’t mean to be a reacher here, but um… did Bilawal Bhutto just low key sass Imran Khan too? LOLLLL

One thing is for sure. By Imran Khan bringing up feminism on mainstream media, maybe it might allow actual conversations to happen that could reduce misconceptions around what feminism is.

Khair, let us know if you agree or disagree with Imran Khan’s statement. We’d like to see what your opinions are especially around the topic of feminism and the role of political leaders in the advancement of women’s rights.


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