Imran Ashraf Is FINALLY Going To Be A Lead Hero And I'm Not Crying You're Crying

By Iman Zia | 18 Feb, 2018

Pakistani actor Imran Ashraf has been one of those hidden gems in the Pakistani drama scene for years. He’s a phenomenal actor, there’s no denying that. His supporting role gigs have still toplined him as one of the best we have because let’s face it, he’s on par with his more ‘main lead’ protagonists, never letting any shadow befall him. Take loyal Dastagir in ‘Dil Lagi,’ the sweet Ashar in Gul E Rana,’ and more recently ‘Alif Allah Aur Insaan’ as the unforgettable Shammo, a doting transgender trying to plow on through life.

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Imran Ashraf has been busy penning a drama for Hum Television, which will have him as the male protagonist along with actors Iqra Aziz and Shahzad Sheikh

‘Tabeer’ marks the debut of Imran Ashraf as a screenwriter and the brain behind a drama supported by Hum Television.

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This will be the first time in a very, very long time Imran Ashraf will at long last be the frontrunner for a drama, as the opposite of love interest and female lead Iqra Aziz

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The actor really has come a long, long way, having been a supporting character or amalgamating as part of a bigger, ensemble cast for a drama, to finally really take lead is truly marvelous. Iqra Aziz, during an interview, stated that ‘[her role] is such a beautiful character, I fell in love with it and Imran Ashraf wrote the script so well, I never once felt the need to fake cry. If there’s an emotional scene which moves you to tears, that’ll naturally happen when you watch it.”


We often hear of Hollywood veterans venturing into writing, and Imran Ashraf might just be a trailblazer for fellow Pakistani actors

This truly is a proud moment for the actor. All the more power to him.

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Bravo, I say, bravo!

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Have a watch at the teaser now

Tabeer ~ New Drama Serial ~ Starts Tuesday 20th Feb on HUM TV

#Tabeer ~ Starring #ShehzadSheikh #IqraAziz #AliSafina #HajraYamin #ImranAshraf #AehsunTalish #AzraMansoor, written by #ImranAshraf and directed #AehsunTalish starts Tuesday 20th Feb at 8pm on #HUMTV

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Iqra Aziz’s interview excerpt from

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