Gorgeous Alphabet Cakes Are A Thing Now And You'll Definitely Want One Of These For Your Birthday

By Sinwan Zahid | 18 Feb, 2018

Boys and girls, chances are these gorgeous alphabet and number cakes are already popping up on your social newsfeeds and you’re like WOW gimme some of dat

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2017 was the year of bubble waffle cones, mirror glaze cakes, crepe cakes and what not… but let’s just say the dessert universe pulled a “new year, who dis?” on them and instead gave us these whimsical and colorful cakes in 2018 that are screaming one thing and one thing only: SPRING! And spring is around the corner.


Known as alphabet and number cakes, these delicious desserts are a step up from round, boring birthday cakes

Yes we’ve had such cakes before too (fresh cream and pineapple LOL) but they weren’t remotely as appetizing as these new ones. They’re being made by various local bakers with shortbread, cake sponge, and even as a mille-feuille, which is a thin puff pastry topped with custard and powdered sugar.


This Kinder Beuno and Kinder Joy lover’s paradise looks so GORGEOUSLY DELICIOUS

It even has fruit roll-ups and huge marshmallow ropes. YUMMY.


And this “I” cake with all kinds of decadent goodies on it

Mmmm Kit Kats, cherries, MnMs, Maltesers and Mini Oreos!


This local baker went with the classic version

Fresh kiwi and strawberries, meringues, and red macarons!

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And this one’s for all the chocolate fanatics out there

Snickers, Mars, Kit Kat, Maltesers, Ferrero Rocher… take my money!


There are simple one with strawberries and custard cream, too

Obsessing over the colors: yellow and red roses, hints of lavender and pink in the macarons.


But if you want to go all out, might as well throw in a slice of chocolate cake… on your number cake

And some Hershey’s chocolates yummmy!


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For those who adore everything unicorn

And sprinkles!


And this pastel beauty by a local baker looks too good to eat

Big flowers and small flowers, loads of pink, white, purples, and blues. Loving the details on this.


Take a look at how they’re made:

Whichever way you decide to have it, it’s really the appearance that’s caught our eye. Adorned with vibrant flowers, macarons, fresh strawberries and custard, these number cakes look heavenly and can totally be customized according to your wishes.

Be it meringue, macarons, candies, mousse, toffees, syrups, chocolates, fruits, and flowers, these are just one of those cakes you can play around with and make your own!

Let us know in the comments what you would add to your cake. 😉


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