If You're STILL Looking For Iftari And Sehri Deals In Lahore, Here's How You Can Find Them

By Sinwan Zahid | 11 Jun, 2018

Okay yes, there’s only a few days left in Ramazan and at this point, everyone is thinking about what they’ll be doing on Eid. But hey, there are a few days left still and that means you can still enjoy those Iftaari/Sehri deals that usually leave you in food comas. So, in case you’re still trying to find where to go for your next Iftaari or Sehri and aren’t sure where to go or if you’ve already been to several places but are looking for a change in scenery, we have something for you.

hungerist urban kitchen ramazan iftari and sehri deals lahore
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If you don’t already know, we launched a website and app called Hungerist which helps you find restaurants. We were working on building a new feature that would also help our audience members easily find Iftaari/Sehri deals. Now, it took us a while to do it but we do have it for you on the last few days of Ramazan :p If you already have the application, all you need to do is update it. And if you don’t, you can always download it for iOS and Android #shamelessadvertising


Okay, so once you’ve updated the app or downloaded it, the home screen should have the ‘Ramazan Deals’ button on it.

From there, it’s pretty straight forward. Just click on the “Ramazan Deal” and from there, you’ll be taken to a new screen.


And voila, you have both the Iftaari/Sehri deals right in front of you

hungerist sehri iftaari deals

This shows all the Sehri and Iftaari deals and buffets happening in your city. Just keep scrolling down and down until you see your favorite restaurant mentioned, or maybe until you find a Sehri/Iftaari platter that suits your budget and your taste.


Here’s a small animation too :p

That’s pretty much it, simple right?


Wait but there’s more…

You can also search for restaurants of your choice to see if they’re offering any deals for Ramazan. Say for example you’re craving some Japanese food and want to see if Gaia in DHA has any offerings. You can easily search for the restaurant and once their profile pops up, you can explore it to see if they have any offers available (they do in case you’re wondering). Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

There are a lot of other features available inside the app/website, so please do check it out and let us know what you think or what can be improved 🙂

Hopefully this features helps you find a restaurant for the perfect Iftaari or Sehri in the remaining days of Ramazan.


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Cover image via The Hashery/Facebook

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