15 Struggles You Can Relate To If You Absolutely Hate Working Out

By Hurmat Riaz | 25 Jul, 2017

Being healthy and fit has become so necessary that even those who think that they are fit are getting to the point of considering themselves unhealthy. That puts a lot of pressure on oneself. But there’s still a lot which is so dheet that they don’t care about what people say about their bodies. They’re okay and happy the way they are because this is how you should be.

Here are some of the reasons which make people hate working out:


1. Just one sight of the gym gives you the creeps

The building, the machines, people working out vigorously; nope, not your favorite sight.

Via: Deenga

2. You’ve got multiple excuses ready to throw out when someone suggests going to the gym

Mein gym nahi jaon gee/ga!

Via: Deenga

3. You don’t like getting sweaty and all tired

You cannot embrace the paseena. You know you can take a shower later but at what cost?

Via: Deenga

4. You envy people who wake up so early just to work out

You don’t have that much courage to wake up that early just to work out. A little more sleep is always good.

Via: Deenga

5. You can’t understand people who regularly go to the gym even in summer

Kaisay ker letay ho yaar? 

Via: Giphy

6. There have been times you’ve been inside a gym but only to take some nice pictures for Instagram

You know that gym pictures always get you more likes. Also, the lightning is so good there. LOL.

Via: Tumblr

7. And it’s also not like you never tried working out, you tried but couldn’t go beyond a couple of days

Hum say na ho paye ga!

Source: So Easy Productions / Irony Point / Jax Media

8. You also exercise your arm by moving your spoon from your plate to your mouth several hundred times in a day

Life without working out IS actually THE LIFE!

Via: Tumblr

9. You even remember the cramps that you got after your first work out

Oh, it still hurts at some places.

Source: Showcase Productions

10. You laugh at people who have suggested walking because it’s the “easiest” work out

And you do go for a walk; to your fridge because your fridge cannot walk to you.

Via: Tumblr

11. You aren’t that person who treats their body like a temple

You serve it with all things sweet and fatty. That is how you treat a temple, people.

Source: Gracie Films 

12. You adore your tummy because it has been with you, through thick and thick

Jab loug saath chor gaye, tab paet saath tha.

Source: Gracie Films 

13. You rarely meet your gym freak friends because jab unka din khatam hota hai aap ka start hota hai

Because you know that you’re going to spend it while watching movies, having food or going out to a new place to have some good food.

Via: Tumblr

14. Since you’re not into working out you make sure no one else can, either

It’s fun to be Satan and have snacks in front of someone who’s on a strict diet. ūüėČ

Via: Deenga

15. You love that you enjoy life instead of feeding on ghaas phoos

Source: Deedle-Dee Productions


Are you like that? How do you avoid having to work out? Let us know in the comments below.


Cover image via: dawn.com

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