I Watched ‘Aunn Zara' For The First Time And I Was Surprised At How Genuinely Funny It Is

By Arslan Athar | 21 Jun, 2019

Osman Khalid Butt and Maya Ali stans are a big part of the Pakistani drama fandom. ‘Osmaya’ fans are everywhere and just one search will show you oh so many fan pages. This fandom started because of this one show they did together- ‘Aunn Zara’. This 2013 drama attracted a lot of attention and brought this couple to the fore for the first time in Pakistani television. Maya Ali’s career was beginning to pick up and Osman Khalid Butt was making the transition from YouTube to dramas.

I hadn’t watched the show back then, but it became apparent I needed to get into this world, so I started watching the show for the first time.

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The comedy in the show hooks you from the very first scene. 

Aunn lives with his mother, grandmother, and phupo. In a house full of women, Aunn is pampered to no end, but he wants out of the suffocating atmosphere. Add to the already stuffy household, there’s tension between daadi and Amma, so Aunn does the only thing he could think of- he takes up a job just so that he doesn’t have to be home all day.

Zara is the same situation as Aunn- her father spoils her to no end and she too is in a suffocating household. These two spirits find themselves in a mehndi and eventually after Aunn falls for Zara, they get married and thus begins their life story.

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I genuinely believe this is one of the finer comedies that we’ve seen in recent times. 

Pakistani comedy had a golden age, however, we as an industry, were unable to sustain it and our quality of comedy fell, that too HORRIBLY. The issue was that we weren’t able to be funny yet remain in reasonable bounds- we’d always manage to cross a line. ‘Aunn Zara’ is one of those rare dramas that was funny and that too consistently funny.

The show was more than JUST a comedy, there was still a strong storyline that went along with the comedy, and neither aspect of the show was compromised for the other. The comedy was weaved well into the script and did not ruin the intensity of the show itself.

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Another thing I really liked to see in this show was how the characters matured throughout. 

Aunn and Zara start out as pretty childish, they aren’t able to break away from the way their families treat them and it is destroying them a bit. As the show goes on, they are thrown into very precarious situations and well, they mature and grow up together. They grow up and yet somehow are still able to keep to their original selves in some shape or form.

Also, I finally see why people love the Osman-Maya combo on screen. Their chemistry is undeniable and I am surprised they didn’t work together more often after this.

What was your favorite thing about the show? Let us know in the comments 🙂

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