I Solemnly Swear Hania Aamir And Danyal Zafar Are Up To No Good And I Stan

By Arslan Athar | 10 Apr, 2019

Before Pakistan was engulfed by the Hania-Asim relationship, there were loads of rumors about her and Danyal Zafar.

Source: @danyalzee / Instagram


We even asked her about it when she came to our office. 


But we all let that go when we saw the cuteness that is Asim Azhar and Hania Aamir. 

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Khair, it seems like Danyal Zafar is launching his music career and has his first song all ready to go, but there’s one issue. 

Danyal needs a heroine for his upcoming video and decided to ask his followers to some help.


This fan went a bit overboard, but that’s just how fans are, I guess.

Source: @danyalzee / Instagram


While some gave interesting suggestions. 

Source: @danyalzee / Instagram


Source: @danyalzee / Instagram


But there was one clear winner on this. 

Source: @danyalzee / Instagram


Source: @danyalzee / Instagram


Even our favorite online phuppo joined the group. 

Source: @danyalzee / Instagram


However, Hania herself had a few ideas of her own. 

As usual, the girl is going against the grain and doing her own thing!

Source: @danyalzee / Instagram


With such an overwhelming response, Danyal decided to call up Hania to give her the good news. 


Sadly for Danyal, things didn’t quite go as expected and Hania wasn’t too receptive to the idea and hung up on him. Yikes! That being said, some super investigate accounts on Instagram, like our favorite online phuppi, pointed out how the video looks staged due to the slight glimpse we get into Danyal’s call log, but let’s see how everything turns out. Considering that they’re really good friends, maybe Danyal will be able to convince her.


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 Cover Photo Courtesy: @danyalzee / Instagram

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