I Fell In Love With My Best Friend And It's The Best Decision Of My Life

By Ghazwa Bukhari | 18 Apr, 2021

Falling in love in itself is a pretty debatable concept. Whether it destroys you or makes you; the fact that it teaches you a lot about yourself is undoubtedly true. You discover someone else in a whole new light, and you embark on a journey that is nothing short of enlightening. A lot of the things we never knew we hold within us come to the surface when we associate ourselves with someone so deeply. But this whole experience of “falling in love” becomes a tad bit more interesting when it’s none other than your very own best friend.

When I started harboring feelings for my best friend, I knew I may be in for one hell of a roller coaster ride. With that, came a lot of questions. You start to feel for someone who knows everything (and I mean everything) about you. So naturally, it calls for some serious self-questioning. But here were the few things that made this journey worthwhile, and made me truly believe that it was the best decision I had ever made in my life.

My best friend understands me

He’s my BEST FRIEND. He is supposed to know me more than anyone else in this world. The very foundation of a strong and meaningful relationship is one where the other person gets you, understands you. Be it tantrums or mood swings or PMS or anxiety; my bae knows exactly what I need and when I need it. I don’t have to always tell him how I feel, he just knows. It’s some next level intuition shit, but it makes me fall in love with him even more.

My best friend accepts me for who I am

I don’t have to pretend to be something I’m not when I’m around him. He’s seen me at my worst and handled me just fine. The fact that I don’t have to hide in my shell of insecurities is the very reason I was able to connect with him on a level I could never possibly comprehend. He loves me for things even I cringe at. People fall in love with all the good stuff; he fell in love with my imperfections. Sounds cliche, but it’s true.

I never have to worry about looking pretty

He’s seen me in pjs (well, MOSTLY in my pjs), he’s seen me with tail walay baal, he’s seen my oh-so-beautifully grown moochay, and he has loved me just the same. Whether I’m dolled up and dressed like a queen, I’m still the same churail in his eyes. I mean, what more could I possibly ask for?

He helped me through my anxiety

My anxiety was never something I was very vocal about, mostly because I never trusted anyone enough to let them in and discover my vulnerabilities. He is pretty much the only one who knows how to tackle my panic attacks and make me feel safe. He never calls me out on my weaknesses, because he is my strength. I have found resort in him for all the things I felt insecure about, and that speaks volumes about how awesome of a best friend/bae he is.


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My best friend and I have common interests

When you get into a relationship with someone, there are numerous things you have to compromise on. A lot of that comes down to not sharing common interests, and that’s where the idea of dating your best friend comes so much in handy. We became best friends due to our common interests, and that’s how we get to enjoy our time together so much.

Whether it’s our love for Deadpool or watching crappy movies just to make fun of them; we know how to spend some quality time together.

There is hardly ever any “jealousy” involved

Since I know him so well and so inside out, him talking to girls or even having crushes doesn’t affect me. I trust him enough to know that us ne kahin nahi jana. It’s important to have that strong foundation of trust to help you through the course of hardships and not break you.


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Communication is key, and we’ve got that nailed

One of the very reasons relationships fail is because of inadequate communication. When two people fail to talk things out, they give room to unwelcomed thoughts and brewing misunderstandings. If left to culture, they irreversibly damage your bond and leave you miserable.

Falling in love with my best friend gave me the liberty to always be vocal and open about what I liked and disliked. Sure, we have had our fair share of arguments and fights; but we’ve always been able to talk things out. There will always be things you can’t agree on, but you could just agree to disagree. Baat karna bohat zaruri hai, and it has helped in more situations than I can count.

My best friend and I trust and respect each other

Having known each other for so long and so well, we trust each other with our lives and our happiness. It takes courage to be able to let someone so close, but it’s worth a shot if that someone is a person who stuck with you through thick and thin. Someone who saw you devastated and broken, and helped you put your pieces back together and breathe new life into you.

He has been my biggest supporter and fan, and helped me achieve all my goals and back me up no matter how dumb I might have acted. We trust each other to call the other one out on their mistakes and not let them go astray, but we know exactly when and how to do it. That takes a kind of understanding and respect you can only build with a best friend.


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He gives me strength and support

If I said my best friend was my biggest fan in this entire planet, I wouldn’t be exaggerating. He overrates me to the point that it’s hard to fathom, motivates me to do things I’m scared of, knows of all my dreams and my childish ambitions, and is sure to remind me how much they mean to me. He loves how weird I am, and never fails to remind me how much he adores me. Bohat bardasht karta hai mujhay, but hey, I do the same.

While there are certainly times when I feel like losing him would mean losing my best friend AND my partner, I am reminded that the thought of losing him in itself sounds so alien because we connect so well. Our emotions were never built on mundane and superficial criteria like looks or the sorts, and that’s what helps us be ourselves and still be loved unconditionally.

What’s your take on this? Let me know!


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