Pakistani Fans Finally Have Their Haseen Mauka And Here's How They’re Responding To Indian Taunts

By Arslan Athar | 20 Jun, 2017

Remember a few years back when Star Sports released an ad about a Pakistani cricket fan?

This ad highlighted how the man could never celebrate Pakistan winning against India. Do you remember how angry it made all of us?

Well, that day we vowed as a nation to have our mauka and celebrate it too. 

Finally, as we all know, the haseen mauka presented itself when Pakistan defeated India to become the ICC Trophy Champions.


Given that this was a moment we’d all been waiting for, Pakistanis didn’t disappoint.¬†

Uss Mauka ad ka hum ne kya zabardast jawaab diya. Jazz was the first to step up. As soon as Pakistan lifted the cup, Jazz gave the nation this awesome gift.

The ad is a role reversal on the Star Sports ad, just with the added burn of the tissue and the forced selfie. It seems like a fitting response, considering all the things the Pakistani team has had to hear over this Champions Trophy.

#NoIssueLayloTissue won every Pakistanis heart immediately

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Pakistan just couldn’t get enough of it¬†

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And some Indian supporters came in to join in on the fun 

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Jazz ne tou dil jeet liya

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Soon after this, Pakistani comedian Faisal Qureshi saw his mauka and released his video

Aur bhai ne baat bilkul sahi ki hai

A Public Service Message by Faisal Qureshi.

on a lighter note…

Posted by Faisal Qureshi on Sonntag, 18. Juni 2017

Mauka aa tou gaya hai,¬†so let’s just savor the moment while it lasts (which will be a long time). Faisal Qureshi also added his voice to the¬†mauka¬†madness, but with a simple message at the end.¬†Fireworks tou hum ne field main karliye, ab bas jashan manao.¬†

Pakistanis were in fits

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However, this man probably needs a chill pill. Or maybe loads of chill pills

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Jazz ki marketing ki shaan dekh lo

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Pakistanis were truly enjoying the mauka

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Everyone was all praise for Faisal Qureshi

Via: Facebook
Via: Facebook


We, too, saw our¬†mauka and couldn’t resist

The saga of the mauka is ongoing and Pakistanis are still celebrating. Enjoy this moment Pakistaniyon. We deserve it!

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