13 Times Huma Khan Was Seriously The Sexiest Pakistani On Instagram 🔥 🔥 🔥

By Iman Zia | 19 Sep, 2018

Sexy is often misinterpreted as something very negative in society. It’s attached to a stigma we prefer to swipe under the rug, and if you’re called sexy then it’s not celebrated even though it should be. So here’s what ‘sexy’ is: if you’re confident, then you’re sexy. If you don’t give a damn what people think, then dayum mama, you sexy AF. Strength is sexy, especially in this day and age where you’re mocked for almost anything. Also, showing your true self is sexy, and while all our female celebrities exude an exhilarating sexiness we HAVE to talk about Huma Khan.


Here are 13 times Huma was seriously the sexiest Pakistani on Instagram…another announcement for Q U E E N…


1. Telling us that happiness is LITERALLY for NOW with that gorgeous smile of hers


2. Honey not giving a F**** about haters with this epic pose


3. That time she slew in this backless lehenga choli


4. Her trademark pose to show off that fabulous TATTOO, all the while preaching happiness


5. Mama really loves that tattoo and we love her confidence!




7. Mama working her black shalwar kameez so effortlessly


8. That time she gave us all a run for our money with her New Year’s outfit, HOLLLLAAAAAAAA

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Happy new year everyone ❤️🎊💕📷

A post shared by Huma Khan (@humakhanofficial) on


9. Showing us how to work a saree with such grace


10. Huma’s pouting selfie video where she’s literally telling us to LOOK AT HER, WE ARE HONEY

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📷📸look at me 😻

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11. Showing off her other butterfly tattoo (and AMAZING BOD)


12. Henny showing off her legs in rad denim shorts and over-the-knee boots while partying it up in London


13. This black and white shot where mama is on FIRE


We bow downnnnn.


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