Here's How To Make Your Hostel Room Feel Like Home Without Spending Money

By Momina Mindeel | 22 Aug, 2016

The month of August signals re-opening of schools, colleges and universities. If you live in a hostel, away form your home, there is nothing that you need to worry about. You can always decorate your dorm room in a way that makes it as cozy as your own personal room, back home.


Here is how to start:

There are three major parts of your hostel room that you need to focus on while decorating:

1) Study table;

2) The wall;

3) Your bed aka the love of your life.


First of all, let’s talk study table decor

If you are looking to decorate your study table and want a room freshener for your room (for obvious reasons), you do not have to search frantically for the long-lasting ones. Just take a small water bottle, cut it in half with a sharp knife, remove the upper portion, fill in the lower part with fresh water, insert some fresh flowers inside it and there you go. You can decorate the water bottle if you want. Otherwise your flower vase cum natural air freshener is ready, just like the one in the picture below:

Source: Hina Farrukh
Source: Hina Farrukh

Apart from the flower vase, there is another simple thing that you can do to adorn your dorm room study table. If your roommate gets disturbed by the sharp dorm room lights at night while you are studying fervently, here is what you can do. Take an empty jam/marmalade glass jar, rinse it thoroughly with water and let it dry. Afterwards, place just a little strip of twinkle/fairy lights inside it while the spread the rest of it outside the jar, around its circumference. and there you go. Your study lamp is ready.

You can get the fairy lights from any electric ware shop. They do not cost more than Rs.120 or Rs. 200 at maximum.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Also, if your study table does not have a lot of space for your beauty stuff, you can just take a big shoe box, cover it with a gift wrapping paper, wrap a ribbon or two around it, put some stickers on and your own make-up organizer is ready. It will save you a lot of space that you can use for your books/stationery.

Source: Hina Farrukh
Source: Hina Farrukh


Now, on to the wall

As far as decorating your room walls is concerned, there are again several ways you can go about it. Buy lots of embroidery hoops (we have lots of them in Pakistan and they are really cheap), collect all the discarded fabric pieces that you have and place them one by one inside the hoops and just hang them on your room wall in whichever way or pattern you want.


Source: Hina Farrukh
Source: Hina Farrukh

Or what you can do is just select your favorite quotes/pictures, take it to a printing shop and get them all printed on several 4×4 pages (each page normally costs Rs. 35) and then paste them on your wall. There, you have your daily dose of wisdom right on your wall.

Source: Hina Farrukh
Source: Hina Farrukh

Lastly, if you are not very creative, do not worry. Select all your favorite pictures, again put them in a usb, go to a printing shop, ask them to print them all in different sizes on one or two Rs. 80 pages and bring them back to your room. Now hang the twinkle/fairy lights on your wall in any way you like and use simple paper clips to lightly hang your pictures to it. There, it is all done.

Source: Momina Mindeel
Source: Momina Mindeel


Finally, your bed

To make your bed cozy, buy colorful pairs of bedsheets (a pair usually costs around Rs. 500), add lots of cushions (you can get cheaper ones at hyperstar) and then add some more cushions.


Happy decorating!


Author’s note The inspiration behind this article is my friend, Hina Farrukh.

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