18 Unique Types Of People You Have Definitely Met If You've Ever Lived In A Hostel

By Hurmat Riaz | 28 Apr, 2017

Life in hostel is as fun and enjoyable as it sounds and it gets more entertaining when you get to make a diverse group of friends that have all sorts of personalities which you find reflecting in yourself at one time or another. Here’s a list of friends that we usually find at the hostel:


1. The one friend who brings you all your snacks

She has all the stock of snacks from noodles to crisps and biscuits, jellies or candies and always stuffs you up with food.

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2. That friend you share wardrobes with

You share the same size. So you’re comfortable with each other to share your clothes if either ones at the laundry.

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3. And the other one whose shoes you steal

Again. You share the size so you share shoes to mix and match.

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4. The one who is always up for late night parties

She has always music blasting in her room so you can always have a head banging session with her.

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5. And the other one who’s ALWAYS in the gym

You’ll find her at your occasional trips to the gym’s treadmill.

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6. The philosopher

The one with whom you’ve all your late night conversations at the terrace, talking about life and figuring out your future.

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7. The one who shares your passion for chai

She is always there for a good cup of chai in the evening or late night or whenever you feel like it.

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8. Your roommate who’ll be up early in the morning

She’s the only one who wakes up for breakfast and you usually have it with her.

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9. The one who makes sure you’re keeping up with your studies

There are few students who wake up early at the hostel so you ask her to wake you up to study and she does a pretty good job by banging at your door early in the morning and dragging you out of bed no matter how hard you resist.

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10. Your rant receiver

She’s that one friend who rants with you and listens to your rants and that friendship is always gonna last forever.

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11. Your fridge wala dost

This one’s the only one on your floor or in the whole building owning a refrigerator so everyone gets their food stacked up in their fridge.

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12. The book nerd

She owns a huge collection of books and always recommending you one.

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13. Always kangaal AF  person

She’s always low on money but always up for a party. Udhaar pay chalti hai ye qoum.

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14. The homesick crybaby

This one friend has so much home blues that she’s packing her bags to home every weekend.

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15. The one who has a ‘secret stash’

We don’t talk about her but we all know who she is.

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16. Your prank partner

Source: A & B Entertainment


17. Your movie buff friend

You always go up to her room with your USB and come back with a new movie or a TV show to binge watch over the weekend.

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18. Your bestie

This one’s “your” person. Whenever anything goes awry in your life they’ll be always there for you. They are in the form of all the other 17 types of people yet they are also unique because they’re always there for you.

Source: Hum Network Limited

If you met a type that we missed out, tell us in the comments.


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