Here's The Story Behind The Horrific TV Show Incident That No One's Talking About

By Aam Nawab | 9 May, 2017

In Pakistan we often look towards the media to highlight the injustices of this society. But what about when the media becomes a source of injustice by virtue of their silence on a matter of people’s life and death? What do we do then?


On the 28th of April, ARY Zindagi was shooting an episode of it’s popular ‘Eidi Sab Ke Liye‘ at the Bahria Enclave in Islamabad when tragedy struck. 

The audience stand at the venue collapsed, injuring and reportedly killed at least one person. Yet not a single news agency covered the horrors suffered by members of the public due to negligence of the TV show and channel staff.

WARNING: The following video is extremely graphic. 


The main allegation levied against ARY and organizers at Bahria Town is that they immediately switched off all the lights at the venue, packed up and basically making a quick dash.

WARNING: The following video is extremely graphic.

ARY's show Eidi Sab K Liye Incident | 28 April, 2017 | Bahria …

Ever thought? If a News Channel Could hide it's own Crime Story?

Posted by The Logical Pakistani on Samstag, 6. Mai 2017

In this video above, people are heard begging for the lights to be switched back on. This is something you can hear throughout this video.

Having watched this video over and over (just out of total shock) I feel as though you can also hear people packing up equipment and driving off.


Majority of videos about the incident are allegedly made by victims, with phones, and not by any professional news agency, adding to allegation that there was an apparent cover up

Pictures of an ‘Inquiry Report’ on the incident by the Bahria Town management have surfaced on Twitter and Facebook.

Source: Awab Alvi//Facebook

So far there has been no outside confirmation, corroborating this report, on the fact that Bahria Town dispatched ambulances and help for the victims. Many eyewitness reports claim that people had to help each other out and no one from the organizing parties was there to help out.


So far, none of the affected families have been contacted by either ARY or Bahria Town management.


The Dawn News TV show Zara Hat Kay is the FIRST one to talk about the incident on mainstream television.

An affected father, Aftab Mehmood spoke to the show and had chilling things so say. According to him, when his son and friends approached the mainstream media they were told the story won’t be run without confirmation. Mehmood, further, said that hospitals in Islamabad like Shifa Hospital allegedly exploited the victims’ situation and charged incoming patients 16000 to 17000 PKR for simple bandages and treatment.


Awwad Shahid was there the day of, and wrote a blog for the Nation. He had this to say:

Most of the management staff escaped the site the moment the stalls collapsed. They even turned off the lights; making it even harder for the wounded guests to assist each other. They even took the gifts they were supposed to distribute to the audience.

I ignored the bleeding gash on my own foot, as my younger cousins were clearly in greater distress. I tried helping those around me who I could, and begged forgiveness from dozens more who were beyond my capacity to assist. My father and I helped our family back to the car, and we drove away to PIMS hospital.

In the past couple of days since the event, we have been dismayed to learn how inadequately this incident has been covered in the media. Considering the this event was itself organised by a certain media group, we expected them to be the first to report this “Breaking News” on their channel. Instead we have experienced what can be most leniently described as ‘journalistic negligence’, if not a scandalous ‘cover up’.


Media blackout and possible corporate censorship, leading to such blackout are also elements worth looking at, in this incident

The discussion tended towards the claims that ‘money’ spoke louder than morals and ‘good journalism’ in this case. It was said that Bahria Town and Development is an organization that has thrown money at almost all media agencies in Pakistan, and it has done so with the sole purpose of keeping its image clean. No media agency at the time of this incident was brave enough to step up and make them answerable also.  This was the claim made by team of Zara Hat Kay. 


People have vehemently condemned the incident on social media

Criticism has been directed at ARY for their gross negligence in ensuring safety of the highest standards,  The TV show management and Bahria Town management.


Activist and lawyer, Jibran Nasir, is opening up his legal aid for anyone in dire need of it after this horrific incident.


It is indeed shameful to realize that no one felt that lives of hundreds of innocent victims were important enough.However, now that the incident has happened, what matters now is that organizers are held accountable for their mismanagement and negligence.

The media’s silence on this matter is deafening and it is high time that the administration of both organizations speak up to clarify the truth, because in incidents like this silence amounts to complicity.

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