Here's What Your Horoscope Says About How This Week Looks Like For You

By Nai Dulhan | 3 Sep, 2018

Hello frenz, September is here and we’re all still pretty clueless about what we want in 2018…or life. But koi baat nahi, at least this new weekly horoscope feature will bring some clarity in your life.

Here’s what the week between 3rd September 2018 to 9th September 2018 looks like for all y’all ladies and gentlemen out there.


This week you have to make sure that you keep your spirits and energy levels up – Fikar na kerain because health and work look like they’re going in the right direction and who knows, maybe applying to the new job opportunity that you were eyeing since the last few months might prove to be fruitful. No harm in inquiring about it at least kyun ke naukri scene strong lag raha hai boss.

Dosri baat, zaroori baat, if you’re feeling a little confused in terms of your feelings, it’s all cool, shit happens bro. But make sure that you don’t unleash your wrath on the wrong people. Relationship wise, thora sabr se kaam lain because things seem to be going in a new exciting direction.

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All you Taurus people in the house, this is the week for you. Enjoy it, soak up the positive vibes and just take it easy. Make sure you do something that makes YOU happy – seeing your friends, indulging in retail therapy or just eating that cheat meal. Enjoy ker yaar…ja Simran ja, jee lay apni zindagi iss week.

Money and business matters look good this week so don’t hesitate to discuss new, fun money making ideas with those you trust. But make sure you take some time out to meditate and connect with your spiritual side.

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This is the time to chill and just have shughal for a while. It’s the perfect time to invest yourself in friends and family time and catch up on anything that you may have missed in your personal life. For the people who want to take up any sort of home improvement project, this week is the week for ya. However, be careful about spending large amounts of money or taking up new projects this week. Wrap things quickly and wait until starting new ones.

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Bhai jaan and all my ladis log out there, you got money on your mind, and your mind on your money this week. Kya scene hai people? App paisa paisa kertay hain, app paisay pe kyun mertay hain? This week is all about money and financial matters for you. Koi baat nai yaar, you don’t have to have money to think about it. You have just been thinking about whether you are happy and fulfilled with your financial matters and where you are spending your cash. You will also be a little concerned about your career this week but worry not, it’s just a phase – it’ll be over soon and you’ll be right on track.

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You are all about what you feel from the inside – Babber Sher boys and girls, if you feel happy, it’ll show on your face and vice versa. So make sure you take care of your inner feline before roaring out your awesomeness to the world. Positive thoughts and vibes will help you find your happy place, both in your personal life and professional life. Finances look good for you and you shouldn’t have any major glitches if you want to take any calculated risks with your professional life. You got this, this week is yours.

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Bhai/Bheno you’ve worked so hard lately that even your stars are saying ke yaar tu le le thori break yaar please. Basically, this week is your golden ticket to having fun with friends and family. Nurture your inner glow with some personal pampering or retail indulgence and just relax and chill out because it is time to focus on yourself and your family. Plug out the work, plug in the party time this week because you deserve it.

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Oye! Hello, bhai jaans and bhen jees, easy on the love and romance this week because things are not going to go in your favor this week. Agar control nai ho raha apsay then try to think outside the box and break the monotony in your relationships. If you’re single, try to avoid getting into a new relationship altogether this week and spend some quality time with your friends and family. Don’t worry though, you’ll see things settle down sooner than soon, bus ghabrana nahi hai…okay?

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Breath in, breath out –  you might be feeling a little out of it at the moment but don’t worry about it, you’ve been on a constant hustle for a while and feeling this way in terms of your health and work might have taken you off guard. Yaad rukhain, aisa hota hai – You will be fine. Take this as an opportunity to re-prioritize and reorganize your life. Manage your time in the best way possible and soon you’ll be at your best again. Bhai app hain he cheetay, fikar na kerain bus. 

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We know you’re all about the “mai apnay liye khud he kaafi hun” attitude in life. But this week you’ll feel a little otherwise. If there is something that you need, remember it is okay to ask for help. Basically, your masla is your inability to communicate your feelings effectively this week. Use your charm and charisma to make your way up and climb that throne again.

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Bhaion and behno, app iss waqt shadeed emotional hue hue hain, behtar hai thora relax kerain aur tension mut lain because this is completely normal for other human beings. You have a little lack of concentration and focus at the moment, especially in your personal life. But worry not, this is only temporary. If you’re single, you might feel a little confused as to who deserves to be your lady love or knight in shining armor. If you’re in a relationship, you might experience a closing to a very important task between you and your other half. Fikar na kerain, this is probably for the best for you as an individual as well as a couple. Sub theek ho jai ga, tension nai leni bhai/bhen ne. 

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Bhai jaan and Bhen jee, apka scene on hai so whip out that to-do list and just dive into it head on because all the signs are in your favor this week. Take care of any unfinished business you have this week and just go with the flow. You da boss – embrace it, feel it and bus, itna bhe sur pe nai charhna. 

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Damn, this machli is ready to go from the pond to the ocean. You’re feeling positive about taking on new and more creative career roles. Exploring and dreaming about making it big. Money is not a consideration at the moment because you feel like you need more zing and flavor in your work/career at the moment. We suggest taking it a little slow, baki koi tension ki baat nahi hai. 

As far as relationships are concerned, nurture and protect your current relationships and avoid getting into new ones this week because love ka scene thora off hai this week.

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So, what does your horoscope look like this week? Are you happy with it? Let us know!

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