This Home Decor Company On Instagram Will Make You Want To Redecorate ASAP

By Biya Haq | 1 Feb, 2018

For all of you obsessed with design, Pinterest and DIY projects, we have the perfect page for you.

Source: @thedecorcottage Via: Instagram

And we mean, PERFECT.

Source: Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions

The Decor Cottage, a home decor studio in Lahore specializes in customized home decor trinkets and we are IN LOVE.

Just take a look at these mason jars. All pretty in the winter time, you could keep them in your room or even as a dinner centerpiece!

Okay this is probably one of the most genius things we’ve ever seen. The perfect spot for your mail, magazines or random pieces of paper we all have lying around our house. (At least your mess can look pretty!)

The perfect gift for any mommy to be or even your best friend whose birthday is coming up! This personalized letter can be done up any way you want it!


Oh, and friends, it’s not just home decor. The company is big on making on all things customized.

Calling all travelers! These passport holders with your OWN NAME on them are necessities for this travel season.

^ And just btw, they have an entire brand called Club Voyage by The Decor Cottage, specializing in travel accessories. YAS.

Also, who WOULDN’T want to order anything from this account? Just look at how they package everything!


It’s a new year and if you feel like shaking things up and switching things around, this page is the fastest way to put a little oomph in your place, this is the perfect page to help you out. Or even some inspiration if you want it!

Did you love all the products? What was your favorite one? Head over to The Decor Cottage for more information on the page and get ordering now! Love you.

Cover photo via @thedecorcottage

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