Hira Mani Told Other Actors That The Industry Can Give Heart Attacks, But Who Is This Warning For?

By UA | 18 Jul, 2019

Hira Mani is warning other actors about the industry.

Hira Mani has been an all-time favorite since the world got to see her incredible acting skills and she recently had something to say about the industry that she has been working in.

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کبھی دھوپ کبھی چھاؤں

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The actress recently posted a picture of herself on her Instagram story, captioned with a word of advice that would be quite valuable for anyone that decides to take it.

The caption read, “Criticism bhe lena chhaye ziyada bari baat nahe hai sab key apne apne opinions houtay hain. App sub ko achay nahe lag saktey sub apko nahi achay lag saktay yehe dunia ka usool hai yehe houta chala araha hai tou ab pareshani kese app TV pay atey hain or TV pay aney kay jahan bht faidey hain tou kuch aisey nuqsan bhe. Dil bara kerlien warna ye industry heart attack bhe dey dete hai.”

In other words, Hira took the opportunity to tell all her followers to stop wasting their time trying to please people, because they are and always will be entitled to their own opinions. She said that this was just one of the rules that the world silently follows and that it’s not entirely possible for us to like everyone we meet either. She then refers specifically to the Pakistani entertainment industry, saying that it can literally give you a heart attack if you do not accept it for what it is and let people be entitled to their own opinion rather than losing your own mind over it.

People were obviously quick to react and started to speculate about who Hira had meant to direct her post towards. Some already seemed to have guessed who it was about, taking names and directing it towards people.

Via Instagram/ @behtareenpk
Via Instagram/ @behtareenpk

Overall, people received her advice with a great attitude and stated that she practices what she preaches, being actually good at taking criticism herself too.

Via Instagram/ @behtareenpk

Of course, it is unclear who she had intended to direct it towards, but she is a hundred percent right in stating that people will always have problems no matter what and that you can’t possibly be wasting your time worrying about what every single person thinks about you…because it’s unlikely that you have positive thoughts about everyone around you all the time too. So just relax, take a breather, and if someone is criticizing you – let them. If it’s constructive, yay. If not, just filter it out. There’s too much negative energy in the world as is to be out here stressing ourselves out with more. Don’t you think?

Do you agree with Hira’s stance? Let us know in the comments!


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