Hira Mani Just Opened Up About Suffering From Depression Because Of Her Materialistic Life

By Maham Lari | 20 Oct, 2018

Hira Mani’s on a roll, opening up about her life like she’s never done before.


Samina Peerzada’s making so many of our favorite famous people cry and reveal secrets about their life that we’d never known before. This time it’s Hira Mani.


In an earlier part of the interview, Hira revealed some intimate details about her husband Mani and how she met him

How they fell hopelessly in love and how they went through so much to finally be together forever.

Source: Speak Your Heart with Samina Peerzada/YouTube

The second part to the episode opens up by Hira talking about her childhood. Like every other brother, her brothers were also extremely protective of her. But along with that, they were always by her side and made sure she got everything she yearned for.


She then reveals details from her first engagement – how she got engaged to her fraternal cousin who was around 10 years older than her.

She, however, happily agreed to the engagement because as a young girl, she said she was excited to get all the attention, the clothes, the jewelry, the makeup and basically enjoy the mere concept of marriage.

She said she liked the attention, adding “mein heroin hoon gi, stage pe bethihongi.”

Soon enough, Hira broke off her engagement after realizing that she didn’t think of her cousin in that way. This caused quite a stir in the family (obviously) but Hira stood firm on her decision.

Continuing her fairytale love story with Mani, she disclosed how one day she received a random call from Mani asking for her address. The next day Mani was on her doorstep with his parents.

Source: Speak your heart with Samina Via: Youtube


And that’s how Hira went from being just Hira to the famous Hira Mani. 

Source: Tenor


Hira then further talks about how she had also suffered from deep depression.

She was always thinking about what clothes she has to buy or a particular bag that she must get – making it her life’s purpose to just live for all worldly things. According to her, she used to spend hours thinking about why some other person had more followers on Instagram than her, leading her to become a crazy person. She said, “mein duniyawi hogayi, jab me duniyawi hui toh mujhe depression hogaya.”

Source: Speak your heart with Samina Via: Youtube

She then broke down into tears while relating an incident. After having dinner with her friends she saw a young child of about five years old sleeping on the road. She went up to him and saw that the child was so scared. She fed him with food she had gotten packed for her children and at that moment she realized how materialistic she had become.


Hira shared how then she cut down so much from her life and changed herself to the core

In response to Samina’s question of “what is life,” Hira has the most beautiful answer. She says that “Life is accepting others and making people happy and that’s what will make you content and happy with your life.”

Source: Speak your heart with Samina Via: Youtube

She talks about how she fears death because Allah has given her a smooth and happy life and she can’t thank Him enough for it. It was a beautiful interview indeed – one that will surely bring tears in your eyes.


Watch the full interview here:



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