Hina Altaf Just Got A Fierce New Tattoo And People…They’re Legit Just Insulting Her

By Iman Zia | 14 Feb, 2019

Hina Altaf has never shied away from talking about her tattoos, despite harsh criticism from members of our society. The actress opened up about her very first tattoo – the name ‘Alam’ on the famous ‘Rewind With Samina Peerzada’ show. It was an homage to a doctor who helped her when she was suffering from depression, and how he saved her.


Source: @hinaaltaf/Instagram


The actress allegedly got another tattoo on her neck according to online publication ‘Very Filmy,’ from famous Tattoo Parlour ‘Inkgrave Tattoo Studio’ in Karachi.

Source: @veryfilmi/Instagram


The tattoo is a little unclear, but we can make out a wolf crying out and emerging from the back of a hunched female…So. Freaking. Dope.

Source: @veryfilmi/Instagram


Hina isn’t the only celebrity with a tattoo, with celebrities like Mathira, Saba Qamar and Ali Kazmi sporting various ones too with significant meaning.


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However, as per the norm, people just love to spread hate and Hina’s tattoo triggered many horrible and demeaning comments.

Source: @veryfilmi/Instagram


Source: @veryfilmi/Instagram
Source: @veryfilmi/Instagram


Source: @veryfilmi/Instagram


Here’s the post.


We have no right to judge others. Live and let live.


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