Hina Altaf Just Celebrated Her Driver's Birthday And 2019 Is Already Getting Us Emotional

By Iman Zia | 2 Jan, 2019

Hina Altaf is truly admirable. She’s always been herself in the eyes of a very, very (and often belittling) society; be it her interacting with her avid fans with humbleness, or how she honestly couldn’t give two fucks about what people think of her, or how she admitted how much shit she’s been through her entire life to get to where she is now.

Source: @hinaaltaf/Instagram


Hina is astoundingly humble, real and carries an innate kindness we all must abide by. She celebrated her driver’s birthday last night in an intimate gathering with his family

Source: @hinaaltaf/Instagram


She captioned this adoring picture with a beautiful string of words that made our hearts melt

“Birthday celebration 🌟💚Meet Arsahd Bhai… He drives the car, takes care of the house, keeps an eye on the bad company around me. Manages my wardrobe,His wife is my official Secret designer behind “GHAR KAY KAPRAY”… He has played a vital role in making my life easy when I’m at work .. or when I just DONT WANT TO WORK.”


Hina’s decor was so adorable and perfect – from the balloons down to the cake with Arshad’s name on it


And here’s the video of Arshad – who isn’t just her driver, but her family member – cutting his cake with his children and wife!



Source: NBC


Hina’s followers filled her comments section with adoration for Hina’s gesture and lots of “Happy Birthdays” for Arshad

Source: @hinaaltaf/Instagram


Source: @hinaaltaf/Instagram


What a wonderful start to 2019!


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