Hey Karachiites, Here's Some Advice About Weddings That End At 11PM From A Lahori Who’s Used To Them

By Rameeza Ahmad | 22 Mar, 2019

Here are some pointers from Lahoris on how to manage shorter Karachi weddings


For years, Karachiites have made fun of those living in Lahore and other cities of Punjab where the 10 PM rule for weddings is implemented. But now, it seems like the same fate has befallen them.


The commissioner for Karachi, Iftikhar Shalwani just announced that wedding halls in Karachi will be closed by 11 PM.

Apparently, the rule will be implemented in two weeks. But people from Karachi are already upset.


As a Lahori who attended two weddings in Karachi only recently, I know for a fact that even if you leave your place by 5 PM on a weekend, you will end up being late.

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But don’t worry guys, us Lahoris have some great advice for you to handle the reduction in timings for your weddings. We are now experts on how to be done and dusted with our wedding ceremonies by 10 PM.

You’re probably going to have to leave work a little earlier, especially if you’re a woman so that you can have ample time to dress up for the event. If you have to go to a parlor to get dolled up, sis, you might have to take the day off from work in order to get time to have your party makeup and hair done at a good salon because now there’s a time crunch.

You’re probably going to need to plan your commute better because Karachi traffic is insane anyway and now you’re probably going to encounter people who are on their way home from work. So probably leave home around 5 PM? To actually get to the hall in time by 8 PM. Doesn’t feel great having such a huge city now, does it?

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But no for real, leave your place by 7 PM maximum so you can get to the hall by 8:00 PM and actually spend a little time at the wedding before you have to leave. You can’t arrive at 10 PM anymore unless you want to be known as the douche who only came for the food.

And stop making fun of Lahoris now, please. I hope you have learned your lesson on what happens, you get a taste of your own medicine and that’s never fun, is it?

And honestly, why is this such a big deal anyway? Karachi wedding halls close by 12 AM currently anyway. A reduction in the time by one hour doesn’t really seem like a big deal. Call me when your weddings are supposed to end by 10 PM because I’ll have even better tips for you then.

And let’s be honest, those who want their weddings to go on beyond 11 PM, will definitely find a way to do it.


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