Hey Dulhans, These Pretty Clutches Will Complete Your Look Instead Of Those Awful Little Pouches

By Arslan Athar | 16 Jan, 2019

Are you team ‘clutch’ or team ‘pouch’? 

For the longest time, desi brides have been seen with a little pouch-like purse. Their use is pretty simple; a little pouch to stuff all the salaami notes, but I have an issue with them. They’re just so unnecessary, from a pure fashion point of view.

Source: @irfanahson / Instagram


If you look at a bridal outfit as a whole, this pouch adds NOTHING to the mix. 

Source: @irfanahson / Instagram


It looks exactly like the jora and totally blends in with the whole look; it doesn’t pop out nor does it catch your eye.

I do, however, see the utility of this pouch as a really sweet remnant of your shaadi ka din. 

Source: @irfanahson / Instagram


Clutches fulfill the same purpose but do so more stylishly. 

Source: @mahasphotographyofficial / Instagram


Yes, the pouch is traditional, but does it really fit into the aesthetic you, as a bride, would want to go for. 

Source: Aliza Waqar Photography


And well, clutches can be a great way to show off your mehndi and rings. 

Source: Pinterest


To this end, we’ve put together a list of clutches you can opt for and ditch the pouch. Do note that these designs are all available at every price range possible. Your local bazaar will have versions that sell for 1000 PKR or less while branded ones can be upward of 6000 PKR.

This clutch is for the bride who wants to be simple yet very classy. 

You can buy it here.

Source: daraz.pk

Then there’s this bedazzled classic.

This type of bag adds its own type of glam to an outfit. Dulhans, you can buy it here.

Source: brides.com


If you still want to keep it traditional then there is also a clutch for you. 

This number combines the best of both worlds and offers you a sleek look to go with your jora. Buy it here.

Source: indiamart.com


This heart-shaped clutch is one for all the mushy brides out there.

You’ve got to admit though, it would look good in photos.

Source: chicvintagebrides.com


Understated. Modern. Sleek.

Psst: this is available in red too! (Buy it here)

Source: meredith.com


All of these clutches are statement pieces but this one, in particular, is unforgettable.

Source: @mahasphotographyofficial / Instagram


There’s also the usual shape and cut if you don’t want to go too crazy. 

You can get this dazzling look here.

Source: amazon.com


Lastly, you can also go pretty metallic with your look too. 

Buy it here.

Source: daraz.pk


These bags have existed for ever and will probably continue to exist no matter what. They’re cute, I’m not denying that but they just don’t add anything to the whole bridal look a dulhan would be going for.

What do you think? Are you team pouch or team clutch?


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Cover Photo Courtesy: Fine Art Weddings by Irfan Ahsan and Maha’s Photography Official / Instagram

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