Hey Art Lovers, The First Private Museum In Pakistan Is Opening In Lahore And It's Absolutely Breathtaking

By Biya Haq | 8 Feb, 2019

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The COMO Museum of Art will be Pakistan’s first private museum, dedicated to the preservation and promotion of modern and contemporary art.

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Also, it is fucking beautiful.


According to the museum’s website, the aim of the culture of COMO is to encourage the ‘museum-going’ culture in Pakistan.

The museum will be collaborating with big literary and art festivals such as the Lahore Literary Festival and the Lahore Biennale Foundation, hosting their events.

By doing this, the Museum hopes to “Further hope to foster an environment of interactive learning with a generation of young students in schools, colleges and universities. To that end, we plan to partner with academic institutions and carry out a series of academic programs such as field trips, workshops and art talks.”

Personally, my school took me to the Lahore Museum six times in a row for field trips and no matter how much one enjoys history, it’s not so fun for kids who should be aiming to explore fields that they don’t necessarily learn about in school.

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The President of COMO is designer Seher Tareen

Who btw is also the insanely talented founder of ‘Studio S Designs,’ a clothing house that blends the themes of comfort and art into beautifully tailored outfits. With looks that battle the world of ‘Lawn,’ one of the most notable collections have been the ‘Boss Lady’ collection, challenging the norms of a woman’s role in Pakistan.

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With regards to COMO, Tareen said, ‘Growing up around art, with my mother collecting ever since I can remember, I have always had a pull towards it. I dabbled with drawing and painting myself but I realized early on that having the skill set does not necessarily mean you are an artist; that is a much deeper calling and an unexplainable gift.”

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She said, “It was at Central Saint Martins, when I was pursuing a Master’s Degree in 2012/2013 with a special focus on art curation (my thesis centered around five artists from war zones of Pakistan), that the idea of COMO was cemented in my mind.

“I decided then that one day I would establish a museum dedicated to the preservation and promotion of modern and contemporary art in Pakistan.

Five years later, that dream is becoming a reality and it is absolutely surreal! We are launching end of February 2019, with our inaugural show, aptly titled, ‘ONE’ featuring the brilliant and renowned artists Rashid Rana, Risham Syed, Ali Kazim, Naiza Khan, Salman Toor and Saba Khan. In more exciting news, we have collaborated with the Lahore Literary Festival and will be hosting a LLF art talk at COMO as well!”

Source: @comomuseum Via Instagram

Clearly, it has got some big plans on the books and for art lovers across the city, it could not be better and for those who may not be as knowledgable in the field, this space will be a safe space to experience, indulge and interpret the stunning pieces of art that will be housed in the beautiful modern art museum. Seher told us that the grand opening will be this March and we already know this isn’t going to be something we’d want to miss.

Make sure you check out the Museums’ Instagram page for sneak peeks into the construction of COMO and updates on the upcoming exhibitions and events.


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Cover photo source: @comomuseum Via Instagram

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