Here’s What Your Weekly Love Horoscope Says About Your Love Life | 19th November – 25th November

By Maliha Khan | 19 Nov, 2018

Another week, another love story gone right…or rightly wrong. If you are unsure of what your love life looks like, your weekly love horoscope might be able to help you out this week.


Do you feel as though you try too hard to make your dreams come true and when they don’t, disappointment can be seen throughout your face? Well get out of your head and learn to live in the real world. Love is complicated and can often get messy, but when it’s real it is SO WORTH IT. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the love story of your fantasies is not going to come true, you might be able to make it work but love should come naturally.

Stop looking for love. This time, let it come to you.



If you can commit to one thing and one thing only, then commit to the idea that you are strong enough to take care of yourself. You are not a helpless human being. You have a lot more willpower and knowledge than you allow yourself to believe, which is completely wrong. Being single or independent in a relationship is empowering and it can bring out the best in you. Depend on yourself more than your partner or future partners, because you are more than capable.

Love will follow this confidence you place on yourself.



You are in your feels this week. You don’t know whether you should allow your emotions to rule your love life or to pop your head out of the mess of feels you’re stuck in and push through. Since you typically lead with your head, maybe a change of scenario will do you good. Listen to your heart this week and what it says to you, but do not get sucked in. By listening to your heart, you may come across an amazing person that fills your heart with joy and happiness. This is your person, so hold on tight.

Learn to accept love in its rarest form.



You have a lot going on in your life and the one person you want to share it all with is the exact person that isn’t giving you the best vibes. This week you will be conflicted about telling your partner your deepest and darkest secrets, which is normal for someone new in a relationship, but if you’ve been in a long-term relationship it may not be looking too good for you. Communicate with a friend, sibling, parent, or even a therapist to figure out your feelings.

Trust your partner, but trust yourself more.



You and your partner have been bickering a lot. This may be due to financial issues, differences in morals, or just your typical tu tu mai mai. The love is still there but you have found yourself wondering whether it is still worth it. You have been through a lot together so the best judge of the last question is you.

Sometimes it is better to walk away than be unhappy.



You always seem to end up fixing the messes in your relationship and it can be very tiresome. You love your partner and would have it no other way, but always stepping up to the plate doesn’t always give you room to be romantic. Don’t worry, Venus is in your court this week and you will get to be all romantic and lovey dovey.

Don’t forget to use your favorite pickup lines this week.



You are wrapped up in your relationship and your significant other means the world to you, but don’t allow it to rule your life. Don’t make big decisions in order to please your partner or to work around your partner. A relationship involves two people and those two people need to be putting in the same amount of work as each other.

Think twice before making decisions this week.



You are a fool for love this week. You so badly want to make a real connection with someone and that drive may get you in some real trouble. This fairytale won’t be lasting too long so enjoy it while it lasts because relationships based on need instead of want never go well.

True love will come your way so don’t get too serious about anyone just yet.



Prepare yourself to have a heart to heart with your significant other this week. This conversation will be deep and full of emotions.  You will find yourself opening up to your partner about disappointments you’ve encountered in your past relationships and this will help your partner understand you better.

Allow your partner to break down your heavily guarded walls.



Your relationship is not working and it has not been working for a while. The issue always gets swept under the rug and that is not fair to you or your partner. This method might work for now, but it will not work in the long run.

Face the problems in your relationship, because it will be so worth it.



From a crowd of potential suitors, one will stand out this week and that too for the right reasons. This individual has been in the picture for a while and in the back of your mind, you have always sort of known. You’ve been slowly falling in love and it just hit you pretty hard.

Feel free to divide in and get serious.



This will be a good week for you because you will choose to see the good rather than the bad. You and your partner are not seeing eye to eye, but you will choose to overlook it and see your partner for the person you love rather than for their negatives.

It’s easier to forgive, forget, and move on sometimes.


So, how’s your love life looking this week? Let us know in the comments!


Here’s What Your Horoscope Says About This Week For You | 19th November-25th November 2018


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