Here’s What Your Weekly Horoscope Says About This Week | 4th February – 10th February 2019

By Nai Dulhan | 4 Feb, 2019

Hello frenz, weekly kismet ka haal dekh lain, kyun ke boss, zaroori hai yaar! Here’s a low down on how your week will look between the days of 4th – 10th February, 2019.

Let’s get right into it.




At the start of the week, you seem to have reached a point where you can see everything clearly – you can see miles ahead! With this clarity, you will have the urge to become more articulate and particular about what you have to say and how you have to say it. But the good thing is that you seem to have the right words slip out of mouth at the right time.

Wednesday and Thursday are times when you should not hesitate. If you go after fulfilling your goals with the required zeal and energy, you might be able to see the stuff of your dreams come true. Wah bhei! Friday and the rest of the days you might seem a little too cocky and over confident to others, but it’s all good. You can get over this by cheering on a friend who is looking for some good luck in their projects.




Dear Taurus, give yourself a break on Monday and Tuesday – you can’t possibly be everywhere at the same time or do everything for everyone at the same time. Just cut yourself some slack and let people take over some of the tasks that they are good at and you are not. It will not undermine your value as a colleague, friend, or spouse!

On Wednesday and Thursday you might have to attend a meeting that will turn into a strategy meeting. You might want to have it at your own house which is a good place to be these days. The weekend will bring a struggle for power and authority between you and one of your closest and most loyal friend/colleague. They don’t mean anything bad. Just let it go this time.




On Monday, you are inspired – either romantically or otherwise; Most probably in terms of romance, because flirtation is in the air on Tuesday as well. You have a way of relating with people who you’ve just met, and that way is flirtatious. The good thing is that you are meeting a lot of people nowadays. But we understand that there is a distinction between love interest and friends – the only problem is that it is a little blurred.

Tuesday and Wednesday, you will come back to your normal, practical senses and deal with things accordingly. On Friday, you will have entered the social circus again and will realize to your surprise that you are indeed the life of any party you drop into.




On Monday, the best possible solution might seem a little too farfetched. We understand that you have a tendency to be inventive and innovative nowadays, so just go ahead with whatever you think is the right and the best way. Sure, some people will raise fingers but you need to trust yourself always.

Wednesday and Thursday are totally crazy days – and your behavior must reflect that craziness. The energy in the air is almost visible and there are plenty of great opportunities on the professional and the personal front as well. Love life seems a little slow for the weekend as your top priority is work and how to be the best at it. Good luck!




On Monday and Tuesday, your friends are a good, healthy influence on you. They will cross check all your crazy, innovative ideas and give some solid feedback over them. They also don’t mind when you go ahead and start talking about something totally and utterly random. The thing is, you are different and unique.

Wednesday and Thursday will find you grounded and kind and just happy to be where you are. Friday is the day that you will be getting the rewards for all your patience. It is the highest achievement that you could have dreamt of – the highest high of success. The weekend will be spent on celebrating your success with yourself and everyone else.




On Monday and Tuesday, you should try to connect with people and make connections that matter. This week will either go as trash or go exceptionally well, only if you sit back and watch how the events roll over early on in the week. Just remember one thing, your relationships are important and so are the small details attached to it. As for you, you are one heck of a communicator, only when you put you heart and soul into it. So go ahead, put your heart and soul into it yaar!

Wednesday and Thursday will be about you getting your kick of energy from other people – surround yourself with good people who reflect good vibes only. Friday will be about fast paced work and getting shit done, done and done! The weekend calls for some exciting stuff.




You’re a genuine person, and that is exactly how you want your Monday to be. You don’t have the time to deal with superficial crap early on in the week and would give anything for a real, intellectual conversation. You should probably look for someone smart, even smarter than you, to talk to.

Wednesday and Thursday you want to get stuff done and dusted instead of sitting around and dwelling over useless feelings. That doesn’t mean you don’t indulge in the beauty around you – if anything, it will inspire you. Friday and Saturday will want you to be surrounded by innovative and creative peeps. Sunday will bring forth a clearer picture that you have been anticipating for a while now.




Bhai jaan, on Monday, don’t underestimate that one little thing you thought won’t matter, because it has the capacity to turn into something HUGE! Matlab ke, it could be a game changer for you – success or failure ka masla type. So be careful about each and everything that you say and do, especially if someone else’s finances are also involved.

When you manage your own losses, koi masla he nahi hai, but if you are responsible for someone else’s shit – bruh, scene bad ho sakta hai. Wednesday and Thursday will be your days though. It seems as if you will get whatever you want. Take this as an opportunity and make dinner plans with a special someone. Whatever challenges that you face over the weekend will be driven by your own bharam and maslay masail. Relax will ya?




Lately, all you’ve done is work hard. On Monday, shift the gear and go with the flow. It’s true that ambition is good and healthy, but sometimes it can be overwhelming and very exhausting. A lot of people are looking forward to your attention, so might as well give it to them?

On Wednesday and Thursday you will feel as if you are connected to your friends by ya’ll’s soul. If you plan to travel over the weekend, go ahead because it is expected to go well and smoothly. Word of advice, let someone else take the lead and enjoy the journey.




Nowadays, you tend to think with words. Do something; try to express your feelings with words in writing instead of verbally. Trust us, the more articulate you are, the better it is. On top of that, being crisp and clear is an effective way to get rid of the flightiness that you might be feeling lately – at least until the week hits the middle tier.

On Wednesday and Thursday a certain someone is just plain old clingy with you. If you focus too much on them, you will feel exhausted but at least it will help them resolve their issues. Friday is a tough day and your friends this weekend are extra demanding – It’s safe to say, they just love you a lot.




On Monday, someone is going to sweep you off of your feet and you will be over the moon. It’s been a while to that isn’t it? And this feeling has come like a breath of fresh air. Tuesday is a wonderful day as well – the same amazing feeling from Monday will linger on.

Wednesday and Thursday will be all about work as you come back to earth and are bombarded with responsibilities. Try to work out a little if possible. On Friday, you will have time to devote yourself to a certain someone special. Experiment over the weekend – maybe carry a new hairstyle?




It is totally understandable if you feel a tad bit overwhelmed at the start of the week. If you don’t feel like doing a lot, it’s okay. Sometimes a person just needs to relax and do nothing. Maybe put on some music and lounge around the house, maybe even clean – it’s pretty therapeutic. Wednesday and Thursday you will experience fun in a much better way – it is all about love! On Friday, through to the weekend, you will feel like doing your own thing and go solo. Its okay, we know you have a lot on your mind!

So everyone, how is your week going to go? Let us know how accurate our reading is, in the comments below.


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