Here's What We've Learned About Atif Aslam's Story Through The Lens Of Infinix Zero 8

By MangoBaaz Studio | 20 Oct, 2020

The Infinix Zero 8 and Atif Aslam are on a journey from Zero to Hero

Atif Aslam is an absolute legend – there is no doubting that. He’s one of the biggest superstars in the country, with an absolutely powerhouse of a voice that can shake anyone to their core. And when it comes to legends, it’s only fair to have them collaborate with their technological equals – in this case, the Infinix Zero 8 (and it’s  legendary dual 48MP selfie camera performance. More on that later – prepare to have your mind BLOWN).

Launched recently, this 6.85″ display phone compares to none other in the market.

While there are many positives to the phone and its cool and exciting features, the brand ambassador for Zero 8 is definitely among the top attractions

Pakistan’s biggest superstar Atif Aslam has paired up with Infinix Zero 8 because who better than him understands Infinix’s journey of going from ‘Zero to Hero’. Atif has quite literally gone from being ‘Zero to Hero’ in the blink of an eye all because he is talented AF.

Source: Infinix Mobile

Similarly, when Infinix was first introduced to Pakistan, making a prominent position in the market wasn’t the easiest for the brand as people had already picked up their favorites. However, because the brand keeps on bringing phones that are flagship killers, with time and dedication, Infinix has – just like Atif – gone from Zero to Hero Now with its greatest launch of Infinix Zero 8 it’s proudly staking its claim on top of the phone market in Pakistan.


Now let’s dive into what really makes Infinix Zero 8 the hero phone that you just cannot miss out on

Take a look at this marvelous photo taken with the phone because you’re about to be blown away with the knowledge of how powerful this camera really is.

Source: Infinix Mobile

Okay now,










~ drumrolls~

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Infinix Zero 8 is the world’s first dual 48MP selfie camera phone 🤯 🤯 🤯 

Yes, you read that right. Not only is there a world-first dual 48 megapixel selfie camera, Infinix has not two, not three, not even four, but a total of SIX cameras! With four cameras in the back and the two selfie cameras upfront, this phone is JAM PACKED.

Source: Infinix Mobile

While the rear camera pixels are 64MP+8MP+2M+2M, the front camera has gobsmacked with its 48MP+8MP pixels. Additionally, the phone offers 8MP Ultra Wide-Angled Camera, Ultra Night Video Camera and Bokeh Camera.

The Ultra Night Mode in Infinix Zero 8 restores the night scene to the maximum which means selfies at night are no longer an issue for this device’s users.


The phone also provides Quad Rear Flash and Dual Front Flash

This takes the phrase “lights, camera, action” to the next level, honestly!

Source: Infinix Mobile


Now is your time to shine with master portraits, an exciting feature offered by Infinix Zero 8

The image size of the front camera max is 6000*8000 while it’s 9216×6912 for the Rear Camera max. The 48MP front camera ensures that the resolutions of the photos are HD.

Eye Tracking + AL Detection is an innovative feature that offers eye tracking in real-time and provides precise focus on the subject. Gyroscope + EIS 3.0 algorithm ensures steady and clear videos in both, rear and front camera. These cool and exciting features of the camera are found in no other phone worldwide. This camera technology of Zero 8 is undoubtedly one of its kind and a life changing experience for the buyers.

Goes without saying, Infinix Zero 8 is the best camera phone and your hunt ends now!

Source: Infinix Mobile


Another upside to Infinix Zero 8 is that this phone is a dream come true for any gamers

Infinix Zero 8 is the world’s first TUV Rheinland chip platform with a high-performance network game certification which allows seamless switching between WIFI/Mobile/Antenna networks.

The newly launched phone comes with 180Hz touch sampling rate and Game Turbo V1.0 to enhance the game activation speed. The Multi-Dimensional Liquid Cooling Technology infused with finer three-dimensional heat dissipation structure and the 10-layer heat dissipation material cools the phone after heavy game playing. Hence, the gamers have one less thing to worry about now.

Source: Infinix Mobile


A phone that charges up to 70% in the time it takes you to finish your morning cup of chai? Infinix Zero 8 has got you covered in that area too

Infinix Zero 8 has the ability to charge the phone up to 70% within just 30 minutes. The phone comes with the exciting feature of 33W Super Charge + 4500mAh, making sure the battery doesn’t drain throughout the day. The phone also comes with Smart Turbo V1.0 which means smart acceleration engine which in turn, guarantees significantly improved smooth usage and standby time without any lagging.

Source: Infinix Mobile


The phone has a minimal design with gem cut surface, making it look classy and chic

Zero 8’s design takes the inspiration from the Louvre’s “Diamond Glass” design. The “gem cut” design concept aims to achieve an overall sophisticated look. The phone has 128GB storage and an 8GB RAM. From its battery time to its display to its fine cut to its advanced camera technology, this phone has it all.

Source: Infinix Mobile


An all in one phone with the best dual camera in the world – sounds like a dream phone to us

With Infinix Zero 8 in your hands, you have nothing to worry about for this phone’s cool and exciting features provide you more than you could desire for. Cherry on the top is the brand ambassador, Atif Aslam, who is beloved to the entire nation. With a phone catering all your needs, there is nothing you need to worry about.

Now, enjoy some amazing visuals taken with the Infinix Zero 8 so you can get yourself one too and take photos as fantastic as these ones:

Source: Infinix Mobile
Source: Infinix Mobile



Cover image: / Infinix Mobile

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