Aamir Liaquat Has Proven Once And For All That He's An Inam Ghar For Photoshop Trolls Everywhere

By Sajeer Shaikh | 4 Jun, 2017

Aamir Liaquat had served this country for years with his knowledge, wisdom, and distribution of vehicles and cell phones.

Source: imaansheikh.wordpress.com


To many, he is a steadfast soldier, working tirelessly to entertain and educate Pakistanis everywhere.

Source: defence.pk


Given his line of work, he knows he must always look his best to slay on screen

Via @tazeen/Twitter


Aamir bhai also knows how to serve the sickest, qaatilaana looks

Source: defence.pk

These looks, these poses, and this qaatilaana ada has lead to Aamir Liaquat being Photoshopped into various positions and situations. Let us revisit some of these to fully appreciate the treasure trove  inam ghar that Aamir Liaquat is for Photoshop enthusiasts everywhere.


To start off – remember the time these two iconic bhais made an appearance together?

Via @saadamjad_ Twitter


What about the time Aamir bhai knew that winter is coming, but couldn’t care less anyway?

Source: defence.pk


We truly can’t forget the time he schooled Hrithik Roshan at dancing

Source: defence.pk


Lesser known fact: Aamir bhai was also the fifth Beatle

Via@saadamjad_ Twitter


Remember when he made Donald Trump bow down to his greatness?

Via @abdulahadjawaid Twitter


Or when he surpassed the Kardashians by leaps and bounds and broke the internet in the most Aamir Liaquat way?

Via @abdulahadjawaid Twitter

Well – the tradition continues. Since Aamir bhai is so well-loved and appreciated, people can’t get enough of him. Rather, people can’t get enough of Photoshopping him. As a result, he has made an appearance in a video game, too.


Here he is, chilling with his crew


Here he is again, unleashing his villainous side

Any takers for a movie with Aamir bhai as the antagonist? (And no, Aisay Nahi Chaley Ga doesn’t count)


And here is, chilling while being arrested. Truly – kaisa diya?


Dare we deny Aamir bhai’s majesty? We are mere infidels in front of this man. All we can do is stare in awe as he sits upon his (literal) self-built throne.

Source: bolnetwork.com


What an absolute legend

Source: bolnetwork.com


Thank you, Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain. Pakistan aap ke bagair kya karta?


Cover Image via: @AamirLiaquat / Twitter

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