13 Moments From Your Daily Life That Convince You Death Is Looking For You

By Sajeer Shaikh | 4 Jun, 2017

There are moments when you feel invincible. You feel like no force can wreak havoc upon your being and you are a hurricane that destroys all in its pathway. These moments don’t last very long. They’re overshadowed by those moments of minute heart-attacks that convince you that the shadow of death looms upon your being.


Here are a few of those moments:


1. When you lean too far back in your chair and almost fall

I mean, you can practically see death welcoming you in its arms at this point.

Source: 10 by 10 Entertainment


2. When you’re sleeping and it suddenly feels like you’re falling

Maut inside a dream. This is legit some Inception level shit, except less fancy and definitely not half as cool.

Source: viccozae / YouTube


3. When you’re in the bathroom, and a perverted little cockroach decides to play peek-a-boo

Cockroaches are pervs. What business do they have inside occupied bathrooms? Who does that?

Via Giphy


4. Or a spider decides to follow suit

Spiders are basically scarier cockroaches. Equally perverted, though. So there’s that. And equally fear-inducing.

Via Imgur


5. Or the absolute worst – a lizard decides to show its face

This is the point where you legit start praying for help because that’s so much easier than dealing with a lizard.

Via Pinterest


6. When you get up too quickly and the entire world starts spinning

“Is my fragile mind okay? What year is it?”

– You after this absolute calamity.

Source: Jhoom Jhoom Productions / Soham Rockstar Productions


7. When you eat an extra spicy meal and basically have to get an ass transplant

There is such a thing as too much spice. Best not to push your digestive system’s limits.

Source: Science GIFS/ Tumblr


8. When you’re driving in Karachi and see a bike wala pull up

You’re just sitting there praying that he doesn’t take out a gun and ask for your money/wallet/phone/car/life.

Source: Oriental Films


9. When you’re out eating with your friends and can’t feel your wallet in your pocket

You don’t mind being a mufta khor. You just want to know where your wallet went.

Via Tumblr


10. When you’re on a date and can’t feel your wallet in your pocket

Yeah, mufta khori doesn’t work here. So this is a legitimate mini heart-attack.

Source: Hum Network Limited


11. When you can’t feel your phone in your pocket… but then you do

And then your try to call your phone, only to realize you don’t have a phone to call with.

Source: Hum Network Limited


12. When you’re about to get back the result of a test you’ve taken

Let’s be honest – we die a thousand deaths before receiving test results. Let’s not even kid ourselves.

Via Tumblr


13. Any amount of missed calls from your ammi

Whether it’s one or twenty, you’re still dead. Because missing ammi’s call is basically setting off every alarm in her body that will make her feel a bevy of emotions, all of which will be translated into anger upon your return.

Via Tumblr


Do any of these moments make your feel any less invincible? What is an absolute mini heart-attack inducing moment for you? Let us know in the comments below.


Cover image via: fhmpakistan.com

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