Here's How You Can Have A Mini Vacation In Lahore, Karachi Or Islamabad Without Leaving Your City

By Rameeza Ahmad | 1 Jul, 2019

Looking for a mini vacation in Lahore, Karachi or Islamabad? Don’t worry, we’ve got all the options for your staycation.

The monotony of the daily grind gets hard. Work or school and then home, a pattern on repeat. And honestly, sometimes you get exhausted from being in the same environment for too long and you need a break in order to be able to recharge yourself.

Not everyone can afford a long vacation out of the city. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t have a vacation; you can have a staycation! Basically staying at a hotel or rented accommodation for a few days in your own city. It’ll give you a nice escape from the daily grind and help you refresh.


1. This luxury apartment


You could spend some nice quiet nights here watching a good movie and chilling with friends. It’ll cost you around PKR 9000 for a night!

2. Hotel One


Staying at a hotel no matter where in the world you are is a giddy feeling. So why not treat yourself to a chill night at a nice hotel in your own city? No worrying about cleaning up after yourself and being able to chill by the pool. A night here will cost you about PKR 10,000 for a standard deluxe room for two.

3. This cute house all to yourself


Who wouldn’t like a nice house to themselves where they can relax? Especially one that will only cost you around PKR 3000 a night!

4. This place where you can relax or play


This place has a badminton court and is spacious enough for you to enjoy many games if you choose to do so. The entire place will cost you around PKR 7000 a night.

5. This beautiful farmhouse


If you want a nice poolside all to yourself and get away from the hubbub of the main city for a while, then this farmhouse is perfect for you. It’ll cost you about PKR 40,000 a night but can house around 8 guests so invite all your friends!


1. Dream World Hotel and Golf Course


Who doesn’t want to go to Dream World? You can swim, do go-karting or golfing and so much more here. The Deluxe Chalet modeled after houses on the hill found in France and Switzerland will cost you about PKR 12,500 a night.

2. This gorgeous penthouse


This beautiful one-bedroom penthouse can be your home away from home to melt away your daily worries so you can relax. It’ll cost you about PKR 9,000 for a night.

3. This aesthetic little place


The place is a little safe haven in a sprawling city like Karachi. Even the colors are pleasing to the eyes. You can have this place in PKR 12,000 a night and it can accommodate up to 6 guests so the cost can be split!

4. A beach hut at Hawkesbay


You can have a nice day relaxing on the beach and chilling with your friends and family. Maybe have a barbeque? The place costs about PKR 15,000 for ten hours but the time can be negotiated.

5. This gorgeous bungalow with a rooftop garden


If you love nature but can’t afford a trip to the North, then this might be a nice place for you. This place can accommodate up to 6 guests and costs PKR 9,000 a night and you will have a great time here just chilling with chai in the rooftop garden.


1. Centaurus Residencia


Centaurus isn’t JUST a mall but houses luxurious apartments on the top as well. And you can rent out these units and enjoy a beautiful view of Islamabad while you relax in the gorgeous apartments. The place will cost you about PKR 27,000 a night and can be shared between 6 people.

2. A studio apartment in the heart of the city


This place is perfect for students on a budget who just want to have a nice sleepover with their pals. You can stay up all night watching movies and go for a walk at night to the nearby cafes and markets. The place will cost you about PKR 4,800 and can be shared among 3 people.

3. This cute camping vacation for the adventurous


If you like a little adventure, then this humble place with two big gardens for camping is perfect for you. It has one room as well where you can spend the night if you choose but the gardens are perfect for chilling and the shed covered in fairy lights is almost dreamy. And the best part? It cost PKR 1,500 for a night!

4. This beautiful apartment with a pool


If you want a place that has a pool that you can relax in then this apartment is the one for you. Spacious and beautiful, it can fit about 7 people. It will only cost you about PKR 9,000 a night which makes it a steal, honestly.

5. For the creative-minded folks


If you want a space that looks very creative and gets your creative juices flowing then this place is the best for you. A nice chill hangout spot which can accommodate 3 people and is perfect for a nice weekend getaway when you want to escape your daily routine. It will cost you about PKR 4,500 for a night.

I hope you can have a nice little vacation, or should I say ~staycation~ in your city.

Any tips for people who want to take a staycation? Let us know in the comments below.

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