Here's How This Woman Is Helping Our Society Through ‘Baekartoot'

By rakanaabeauty | 4 Aug, 2021

We recently just came across Baekartoot by Zainab while scrolling through our Instagram, and we are loving the content already!

Zainab recently returned from Brighton, UK, after completing her Masters in International Marketing from the University of Sussex. She has a degree in Bachelors in Business Administration from Forman Christian College.

Through Baekartoot, she aims to highlight the flaws in society and reform the society in a way that it’s healthier for people to live in.

She also emphasizes a variety of social issues that pertain around us but are often ignored like women’s degradation, lower self-confidence, toxicity, and more issues that we observe daily.

What sets the content produced by Baekartoot apart is the level of transparency it shows towards these issues.

The creativity and originality Zainab has put into her videos have made us relate to her content so closely that we thought to share some with you too.

Check out these few videos below that have drawn our attention! We hope you like them and can relate to them as much as we did.

In her recent video, Zainab talks about battling with depression. She shares how being a social media content creator has its struggles. Through her video, she aims to communicate to the public to remain kind to others, both online and in real life.

Source: Baekartoot

Zainab also addressed her story of low self-confidence that most of us have experienced at some point in time or still going through it. She talks about her struggle with self-confidence when she was the person who would do anything to please people and did not have the courage to say no. She compares her old self to her new self who knows to set the boundaries and be happy knowing that you cannot make everybody happy.

This video was such a motivator for us and we are sure it would have been for you too!


Source: baekartoot

In this scorching heat, we often see guards and other outdoor staff working hard to facilitate people like us. Just like always, Zainab, using her influence to spread good, recently uploaded a video of her grocery shopping trip. She gave out juices to all the valet staff, guards, and other staff working in this heat and encouraged her followers to do the same.

This video gave us the idea of doing what we wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

Source: baekartoot

In another video, she talks about how women are always told to be patient and bear the unjust acts of exploitation, and deprivation of rights from figures of society. She draws attention to the fact that women need to be empowered, told to take care of themselves, and ensure that they are enough for themselves. We totally agree with her!

Source: baekartoot

We would say our favourite video is this one where she highlights how social media plays with our mind to define beauty standards by showing one side of the story. She spills the secret to social media beauty which is a good camera and the perfect lighting. This video has surely made us feel so much better about ourselves and we hope after seeing this, you would have also stopped comparing your beauty to the unrealistic beauty standards of social media.

Source: baekartoot

Binge-watching Baekartoot’s videos have made our day and we are sure it will make yours too!

Check out her Instagram @baekartoot

Cover images via @baekartoot/Instagram 

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