Here's How Some Of Your Favorite Pakistani Celebrities Are Remembering Irrfan Khan

By Noor | 29 Apr, 2020

Pakistani celebrities are remembering Irrfan Khan passed away earlier today

Celebrated Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan passed away earlier today after a prolonged battle with neuroendocrine tumor. People all over the world are deeply saddened due to the loss of one of the finest actors in the world cinema. His death has broken the hearts of many on this side of the Wagah border too. Pakistani celebrities have shared heartfelt notes and have sent prayers and condolences to the family of the actor.


Mahira Khan paid tribute to Irrfan Khan by stating that he will always remain gold

She sent prayers to the actor and wished that he may rest in peace and greatness.


One of the first Pakistani celebrities to share her thoughts on Irrfan Khan, Sajal Aly spoke about how this news was extremely shocking and depressing

She praised the acting skills of the actor and sent duas to him.


Zara Noor Abbas shared a few famous lyrics of the song which featured Irrfan Khan and sent prayers to the actor


Mawra Hocane praised the acting skills of the actor and mentioned that he indeed had a great  life story


Saba Qamar, the co-star of Irrfan Khan in the box-office smash ‘Hindi Medium’, expressed her feelings by stating that the industry has lost a brilliant actor too soon

She explained the greatness of Irrfan as an actor and mentor in a heartbreaking note.


Mansha Pasha listed a few masterpieces by Irrfan Khan and explained that the actor was an incredible performer who touched the hearts of many 


Armeena Khan also joined others and sent prayers to the actor


Ushna Shah shared how the loss of the actor has created a void in the cinema industry


Shaan Shahid sent a lot of beautiful prayers to the actor and stated that he has left some finest pieces of acting for the generations to come 


Adnan Siddiqui, another costar of Irrfan, shared his wonderful experiences with the actor by penning down a heartfelt note

He explained that Irrfan was one of the finest actors that he has ever come across. He mentioned that Irrfan never shied away from learning and experimenting with new things. He further said that Irrfan was a gem who left the world too soon. Adnan and Irrfan worked together in the Hollywood film ‘A Mighty Heart’ starring Angelina Jolie.

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“Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un”….. "Verily we belong to God, and verily to Him do we return."! . . . Disturbed and gutted!! A fine soul gone too soon. I had the honour of first meeting Irrfan as a co-star on the sets of ‘A Mighty Heart.’ For one of the scenes after learning his lines I saw him doing the scene again and again which left me puzzled. I asked him, Irrfan Sahab ye kya kar rahe hain aap? He replied- We’re both playing CID agents which means we’ll be showing our ID cards everywhere. I’m practicising the scene so I don’t look clumsy while showing the ID card. And that was the first time I realised what a fine actor he was. We’d become friends on the sets and used to hang out together after the shoot. I remember for another scene, he wanted to know a word in Urdu used commonly in Pakistan and he asked me. He was a great actor but didn’t shy away from learning and perfecting his art. One of the evenings, he shared an incident where him and his friend got the role of an extra actor in James Bond series “Octopussy” which was shot in India. But because they cycled to the set, they were late and the shoot was over. He told me since then he wanted to do a Hollywood movie. Our careers in Hollywood started together, but he proved his mettle and conquered the fort. In 2018 while attending IPPA in London. I found out that he was in London, though he wasn’t meeting anyone he agreed to meet me. We had a long chat about movies and world in general. He looked so positive. His last words were- “Adnan, I’ll be fine very soon and I’ll be back. InshAllah”! Who knew today, I would be penning this note. Condolences and strength to his family. Irrfan, you will be missed a lot. Rest in peace my friend.🙏

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Nauman Ijaz also talked about the saddening loss and sent prayers to Irrfan Khan


Meera jee, also expressed her feelings and joined others in sending prayers to the actor

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Rip #irfankhan #irrfankhan

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Imran Abbas mourned over the loss the actor and mentioned that Irrfan was a legendary actor who is going to be missed forever by all

Irrfan Khan’s contribution to the acting industry cannot be undermined and his spectacular performances as an actor will always be remembered and cherished by all.

Do you have a favorite Irrfan Khan movie? Drop it in the comments below.


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