Here's How July 2019's Solar Eclipse Has Affected Your Zodiac Sign

By Nai Dulhan | 3 Jul, 2019

July 2019’s solar eclipse was on July 2nd and here’s how it impacted your zodiac sign.

Guys, let’s be real, the solar eclipse has fascinated us since we were all kids. Running inside the house to get that old film of x-ray, or your dad’s dark Ray Ban’s, just so you could see a glimpse of the eclipse is something we’ve all done.

But wait. What is the solar eclipse all about and how will it affect us?

The Solar Eclipse takes place when sometimes, the Moon orbits the Earth and tends to move between the Sun and the Earth. When this happens, the Moon blocks the light of the sun from reaching out to Earth. This typically causes an eclipse of the Sun. This particular eclipse took place on July 2nd and it’s apparently the last one this year. Let’s see what you might experience, according to your zodiac sign, under the influence of this year’s solar eclipse.


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The Solar Eclipse of 2019 will bring into your chakra, an added amount of focus and determination to move ahead with your career and professional plans. moreover, some of your attention will also be diverted towards the personal front which will ultimately require you to strike a balance between your career and personal life. Just make sure to make use and be open to any opportunities that come your way. Other than this, try to take out time for your loved ones and friends.


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The eclipse will benefit you in terms of your financial position and career. You might also feel the urge to be more socially active and reach out to more people for personal as well as professional purposes. Other than this, you’ll have potential travel opportunities and unveil some hidden talents that you might possess. What you can do during this time is to enhance your professional life by taking up new training courses which might help you excel. You may also try to more present and make people feel that you are aware of your personal aura when you enter a gathering. Also, try to try new things and be open to unique experiences.


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The eclipse might have negative effects on certain relationships and you might even end up feeling a little alone. This astrological event may also help you connect with people outside your comfort zone and actually lead you towards happier pastures. You will also be required to re-evaluate your priorities in terms of what you desire in your professional and personal life. What you can do in your capacity is to try not to panic, even if your relationships aren’t going the best way. Try to be positive and wait for better opportunities to come your way. Other than this, be very clear about what you want from your personal as well as professional life and work hard towards it.


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You’ll face an immense strain on your relationships. You will also have the urge to get up and get yourself ready to fulfill your life long dreams. You’ll need to work on your personal and professional relationships. What you can do in this aspect is to avoid a certain someone till July 2019. Other than this, you will have to try anything and everything under the sun to make your dreams come true. You might also want to replace all the negativity with positive thinking and good vibes.


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The eclipse will be about the changes that will prove to be positive to your lifestyle, as you will feel that there is a change that has happened for the good. You might even feel fulfillment and satisfaction in terms of all the aspects of your life and everything around you will generally be positive. What you can do in this regard is to let go of your past and look forward to the future. Try out new things and experiences and keep a positive outlook.


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This 2019 solar eclipse will bring positive vibes and possibilities your way. You will also understand why and what was held back and might even find out a way to shimmy out of the condition. Your personal life, however, will need some attention. What you can do in this regard is to get creative and move ahead with your life. Moreover, consult and confide in your friends and family and take their help when it comes to coming out of situations that are difficult for you. Do pay attention to your relationships and do things which satiate your inner self.


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You will experience some improvement and positive progress in your life. You will probably be able to connect to a certain someone who will prove to be a father figure in your life, and might even mentor you towards success. Other than that, some new challenges albeit positive experiences are expected to happen. You can accept the challenges that will open you up to better opportunities, both in your personal as well as professional life.


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The solar eclipse will influence the first half of the year in a positive manner. We mean this in terms of your ability to control your academics and monetary situation in an assertive manner. It will also make you learn to stand up for the right thing and say “no” to your previously compulsive behavior. What you can do at your end is to make the best use of the good times in your life.


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Positive changes will inspire you to surge ahead in your life. You may also be able to understand your finances a little better this time around. Moreover, it will help you plan better for a more promising future, especially in terms of your financial situation. What you can do in this regard is to focus on yourself and the vibe you feel within yourself. Nurturing your inner self would be a good idea, so try to do things which make you feel good.


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The solar eclipse will help you step away from things that you greatly dislike. You may also be able to find inner peace. Find a new version of yourself, by working on your self-growth.


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You’ll be able to reflect on the achievements that you’ve enjoyed so far, fight mental blocks which have previously hindered your progress and guide you to seek inspiration from within your own soul, so you can surge forward. Be mindful of yourself and your actions and try to let go of any thoughts which might make you regress from the progress you’ve made.


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As a Pisces, the 2019 solar eclipse will affect your life in terms of your ability to identify and differentiate between the benefits of quality over quantity. You will also be able to learn to be happy with what you have, instead of constantly craving for more. Make use of your heart, over your head. Moreover, you must make time for your family and friends to make them happy, which will eventually make you happy.

So, how will the July 2019 solar eclipse affect you and your loved ones? Tag them and let this know in the comments below.


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