Here's Everything That’s Happened Since Dua Mangi Returned Home

By Sana Yasmeen | 11 Dec, 2019

Dua Mangi returned after a week of ordeal

Dua Mangi’s abduction from a popular chai Dhaba in Karachi caused a major stir among people regarding the concern of their and their loved one’s safety and protection. After her family appealed for help and prayers, people from all around came out to offer support and condolences to family, as well as prayers for Dua’s safe return.


After a terrible period of waiting and sheer helplessness, Dua Mangi returned home on Friday night

The news of her return caused a sigh of relief from everybody invested in the case. So many women who didn’t even know of Dua were worried because the way the incident happened, felt all too real.


So many people were happy that Dua Mangi had returned and the ordeal for her and her family was finally over

To know that Dua is safely back and is surrounded by her family and loved ones is honestly a piece of good news for everybody.


Then it came to light that there was a shootout between the police and the kidnappers

Despite Dua’s safe return, the news of a shootout between the police force and some people who were said to be the supposed kidnappers gained massive attention and began circulating around.


People took to the news of Dua’s return by rejoicing over it and showering Dua and her family with prayers


However, soon after, questions started pouring in about Dua Mangi and the circumstances of the whole incident

People were suspiciously concerned about “real” reasons behind the abduction and were eager to figure out the truth behind the abduction.


There was concern about the kidnappers, as well

It is scary to even consider the fact that we live in a society where criminals roam around without having to face any consequences of their crimes whereas the victims remain scarred for the rest of their lives.


Some ‘enlightened’ individuals thought best to form assumptions to satiate their curiosity

Painful reminders like these serve the purpose that no matter what, Some people will consider it their moral and formal responsibility to be a stick in the mud and be the living proof of the sick mentality that Larki me hi koi masla Hoga bhae! 


Some people also came up with pieces of advice to prevent such occurrences

Self-defense should be a compulsory thing to be learned by everyone. Such learnings can come a long way in teaching women how to defend themselves while living in a society that cares, not one bit, for their safety. However, this is not a solution, this is only a temporary band-aid to the real problem – the education of men.

Now that Dua Mangi is back, We here at MangoBaaz are praying for her and her family to heal from this traumatic event as well as move-on in life.


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