Here Are The Most AWKWARD Encounters Fans Had With Atif Aslam

By Iman Zia | 30 Apr, 2019

Atif Aslam is undeniably our greatest musical treasure (minus Rahat Fateh Ali Khan) – he’s not just an impeccable little musical wonderboy, but he’s also quite the national heartthrob. MangoBaaz recently asked its followers if they had ever had any interesting celebrity encounters to share, and we received the most hilarious Atif Aslam spottings that are worth sharing!


1. The time a fan almost fell on him!

“Saw Atif Aslam at a restaurant and went to go take a picture with him. Stumbled a little on my heals, his response “madam araam say” #itwasthehealsnotthenerves”

– @ridashahid7

Via Tumblr


2. The time he was a wee bit short tempered!

“Met Atif aslam on Lahore airport. He was sitting in a cafe. Well let’s just say he didn’t look the way he does on TV and he was hella rude to other ppl”

– @ab.2610

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3. That moment you find yourself reading Jummah prayers next to him…

 ” I was at the masjid near my house offering the jummah prayer and Atif Aslam came and stood right next to me. I didn’t have the courage to even say hello 😬”

– @mirzahamzabaigg

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4. That time a fan asked if he could sing a song before it got released…LOL?

“I met atif aslam after the jummah namaz outside a mosque and it was quite confusing because Tajdar e Haram was not released yet so he could sing it outside the mosque at my request 🤷🏻‍♂️”

– @daniyalzulfiqar04

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5. The time a female fan went a little too hard with her fangirling!

“I saw Atif aslam on lahore airport and screamed that I’ve to go there to meet him and non of my family was believing it’s him.. Then my father took me there and asked him ” ap Atif aslam hain? ” and he said yes so innocently 😂😍😂😂”

Source: Coke Studio


6. That time a fan tried to sneak in a picture of Atif and his wife! OOPS!

“I was in front of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Rina’s kitchenette at gulberg lahore deciding where to go, while snapping both the spots when suddenly atif aslam drives in with his wife so i just turn the camera towards him. He then stopped the car, called me over and said: “Are yu snapping me?” Me: No 🤥, Atif: yes you were, please dont do that man, I’m with my wife here, respect the privacy please. 😛😝😖”
Via Tumblr


7. That time Atif was mega low-key about his celebrity status.


– @hifzah.khan


Via Tumblr


8. When a fan spotted a super casual Atif and couldn’t believe it!

“I had seen atif Aslam and didn’t responded at all…..he was in rough style WID a cap…I didn’t notice and he went towards KFC counter and I heard a Hussle….just being curious I saw what’s going on …still I didn’t get and do my work as it was late and I was waiting for my man….he then left… giving me a smile and a nod…then I thought shiitttttt ye to atif Aslam he😵…but he was gone then”

– @romeezazulfiqaar



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