Here Are All The Funniest Jokes That Pakistanis Are Making About That Colonel Ki Biwi Moment

By Maryam Khalid | 22 May, 2020

These jokes about the colonel ki biwi are pretty savage

VIP culture is deeply embedded in our society. This ideology that someone is entitled to certain privileges only because of his status, is pretty archaic. So, we present to you another incident that occurred around the same lines.


You might know of someone now famous as ”colonel ki biwi” by now who went viral for misbehaving with a policeman

The police had closed a certain lane for traffic so a lady got out and misbehaved with the officer on duty. And her argument? ”Saari gaariyon ki baat alag hai, main army officer ki biwi hun aur yeh maamoli baat nahe hai.” 



The jokes on the colonel ki biwi incident have pretty much been one of the biggest conversations on Pakistani social media since then

Via: Twitter


You cannot expect a viral incident to go away without trolling in Pakistan, can you? So of course Pakistanis made jokes about that colonel ki biwi moment

Pakistanis are making hilarious jokes on colonel ki biwi since then.


RIP law and order :’)


The Ehd e Wafa analogies are way too hilarious

The drama was way too good to be true, my friend.


Some people are even equating such privileged behavior to the ongoing pandemic


And colonel ki biwi is the new 2020 to our plans


What is this behavior?


I would still prefer colonel ke chaawal


People are sympathizing with the actual ‘colonel’ who is the center of all this havoc

Apparently man himself was caught spewing his privilege on the road in the past so not like he is any different, I guess.


Some jokes are that the colonel ki biwi will lead to her husband going into hibernation for a while


Some people are wondering if becharey colonel sahab is in deep shit, man.


Some are even joking about how he might have to act like Shehwaar to save his ass


This rickshaw poetry makes a lot of sense right now


Some sexism also had to become part of the jokes, uss se toh baaz nahi aa saktay hum

While the situation and the deep-rooted mentality is extremely obnoxious, we still cannot help laughing at all of these jokes. Thank you colonel ki biwi for providing us some wholesome meme content.

So what do you think of the colonel ki biwi incident? Do you find these jokes funny? Let us know in the comments.



Cover image via @Ahsanchaudharey/@Oye_beelay via Twitter

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