Army Chief Quickly Took Notice After This Colonel Ki Biwi Went Off On A Police Officer & Went Viral

By Noor | 21 May, 2020

Colonel ki biwi got pissed

Class differentiation is deeply ingrained in the social fabric of our country. This is the reason due to which VIP culture continues to plague our society and certain individuals end up performing acts to demonstrate that they are above the law. A colonel ki biwi recently went viral for these reasons.


Pakistanis are criticizing this privileged colonel ki biwi who misbehaved with the police officer who was just trying to do his job

It’s being said that the roads were closed for normal traffic and all the cars in the lane were told to take the alternate path. The police officers were directing the traffic and the people were not allowed to use this route. Upon giving these instructions to the lady in this particular car, she got out and misbehaved with the officer. As shown in the video too, the lady removed the barriers in the path of the car and shouted at all the serving officers over there. Moreover, the lady has claimed to be an army person’s wife.

Source: Off The Screen/YouTube

The video clearly shows that the officer told the lady that all the cars are waiting too and just like the other cars, he cannot allow this particular car to use this road. The lady started off the argument by saying, ” saari gaariyon ki baat alag hai, main army officer ki biwi hun aur yeh maamoli baat nahe hai.” 

As soon as the police officer didn’t follow the order given by the lady, she abused the officers on duty and kept on shouting, “main aik colnel ki biwi hun.” The lady further argued that she cannot wait for more time to pass and said, “mainay apna introduction karwa diya, yeh kaafi hai.”


The heated argument took another turn when the colonel ki biwi got out of the car and started to throw away the barriers set up by the police

Despite being told to follow the law, the lady chose to disobey the police officers and forcefully drove the car away. Here’s the complete video:


As soon as the video was shared on social media, people were quick enough to point out that the colonel ki biwi was defaming the entire institution of army with her behavior

They have said that rule of law should prevail in all circumstances and belonging to a certain class/occupation does not give you the right to break the law.


People are appreciating the police officer for respecting the law


The majority of the awaam is outraged and wants an end to this VIP culture


A lot of people are reducing the whole saga to another civil-military tussle 


People have asserted that belonging to a certain class or faction does not entitle one to disrespect the law of the country


A few people have shared some old footage of the lady’s husband who also misbehaved with another police officer in the past

It is being assumed by the people on social media that the person in the video is the lady’s husband as the number of car in both incidents is the same.


Chief of Army Staff Qamar Bajwa is reported to have ordered an inquiry look into the matter and to ensure that no incident like this takes place in the future

While the current government had claimed to end this VIP protocol, this culture still operates within the system and obviously is criticized by all.

What are your thoughts on the issue? Let us know in the comments below.



Cover Image via: Off The Screen/YouTube

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