Here Are All The Celebrities Who Are Standing In Support Of General Musharraf

By Noor | 19 Dec, 2019

General Musharraf has quite a few famous supporters

So, by now we all know about the special court’s verdict regarding Mr Pervez Musharraf, right? In case you don’t know, then here’s a little summary. Basically, the former army chief and ex-President has been accused of high treason and has been sentenced to capital punishment.


Former President and military dictator General Pervez Musharraf was recently sentenced by the courts of Pakistan

It being the first time a military dictator has been sentenced in South Asia, let alone Pakistan, this ruling is being considered a landmark ruling, one that will have longterm consequences on the constitutional history of Pakistan.



Right after the announcement of the verdict about General Musharraf, the DG ISPR shared the Army’s statement which stood by its former Chief


Apart from the army, there are quite a few famous personalities who have stood by the side of ex-President General Musharraf after the verdict.

Shan Shahid talked about how a patriot is wrongly labelled as a traitor by the court. The actor further said that Mr Musharraf was a brave soldier and a son of the soil does not deserve this.


Mehwish Hayat quoted a famous Irish soldier and voiced solidarity with General Musharraf sahib


Waqar Zaka was also among the ones who voiced their opinion in favor of the former military dictator


Veena Malik drew a comparison between the Sharif case and Musharraf case

She asserted that one can have political differences with ex-army chief but it’s extremely demeaning to label him as a traitor. She further mentioned that a person who in past had fought wars for Pakistan does not deserve a death sentence.


Aamir Liaquat Husain tweeted out a heartfelt note for the ex-army chief

He mentioned that he cannot even imagine the pain Mr. Musharraf must have felt upon being labelled as a traitor. Dr.sahib argued that a person who has fought wars for the country cannot be a traitor.


Politician Marvi Memon also jumped on the bandwagon to support General Musharraf


Khadija Shah, the creative director of luxury fashion brand Elan, also stood with the ones supporting the ex-army chief

The country has definitely been left divided after the military and the PTI government have expressed their desire to challenge the court’s verdict. People think this is the start of a new tussle between the military and the judiciary of Pakistan. At a time like this, famous people picking sides on a matter like this definitely do add to the public discourse on the subject.

Are these people wrongly siding with former military dictator general or the ones not supporting Mr. Musharraf are wrongly justifying the court verdict? let us know in the comments below.


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