Here Are All Of The Events That Have Occurred Since Qandeel's Murder Two Years Ago

By Rameeza Ahmad | 16 Jul, 2018

On the 16th of July 2016, Qandeel Baloch, an internet personality was murdered in cold blood by her own brother.

Source: Global Voices

It has been two years since the horrific scene, so we decided to chronicle a list of all of the events that have happened in terms of the case since then.

17th July 2016: Qandeel’s brother Waseem was arrested for her murder after he confessed to drugging her and then strangling her.

Source: Dunya News

18th July 2016: Mufti Abdul Qavi included in Qandeel’s murder investigation.

28th July 2016: Police gain access to Mufti Abdul Qavi’s mobile data and assess the last contact between the cleric and Qandeel.

Qandeel was revered by many for her don’t give a damn attitude, even today people remember her for it.


7th October 2016: Prosecutors submit challan for incomplete arrests and ask for 4 more to be arrested for Qandeel’s murder, including Mufti Abdul Qavi.

6th December 2016: The accused appear in-front of court and Qandeel’s brother Waseem and the other two denied killing her. Waseem’s counsel denied that he ever confessed to the murder.

28th April 2017: Rumors of a Qandeel Baloch biopic starring Saba Qamar surface.

28th June 2017: Teaser of drama serial ‘Baaghi’ based on Qandeel’s life starring Saba Qamar released.


Source: Express Tribune

A lot of people have done what they can to remember Qandeel, an artist painted a portrait of her in Karachi.


17th October 2017: Mufti Abdul Qavi appears in front of the court for the first time.

18th October 2017: Mufti Abdul Qavi was aided by his lawyers to escape from the court right before the judge was about to deliberate whether he would give an extension on the Mufti’s arrest warrant.

People have not forgotten Qandeel or how long it has been.


18th October 2017: Mufti Abdul Qavi arrested in Muzzafarabad district as he was trying to evade arrest.

25th October 2017: Mufti Qavi has a polygraph test conducted which lasts over 5 hours.

Source: Dawn News

1 November 2017: Mufti Abdul Qavi sent to jail on judicial remand. He admits on having ties with the person who drove the murder suspects in Qandeel’s case as well as owned the house she was murdered in. 

And people recognize that we might never have another Qandeel.

14 November 2017: Mufti Qavi released on bail after he paid a PKR 200,000 surety bond.

21st March 2018: Case adjourned without a decision because the judge was on leave.

Source: Samaa TV

3rd May 2018: Judge resumes hearing cases. Muft Qavi along, her brother Waseem and three others were indicted.

Nighat Dad tweeted a thread today about the trial still pending and justice not being served.

What are your thoughts about Qandeel Baloch and her pending case?

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