This Pakistani Activist Said She's Collecting Funds For Qandeel's Parents And Here's How People Responded

By Sajeer Shaikh | 5 Feb, 2018

Qandeel Baloch’s intriguing life and her unfortunate death have long been a point of captivation for Pakistan. Qandeel’s story has been told through various documentaries and blogs. Moreover, one version of her story is still being narrated through Baaghi. However, there are two people who still bear the pain of losing Qandeel – her parents. It is thus that activist and lawyer Nighat Dad, who runs the Digital Rights Foundation, is raising her voice for them.


She shared a Facebook post, explaining how she’s collecting funds for Qandeel’s parents.

Qandeel Baloch's story and case has been something many of us have followed and supported over the past year and a…

Posted by Nighat Dad on Mittwoch, 24. Januar 2018


In her post, Nighat Dad highlighted the following:

“As some of you might know, Qandeel was the breadwinner of her family and supported her parents through her work. Her brutal murder left her ailing parents at the hands of the rest of the family. Their choice to implicate their own son and other family members in Qandeel’s murder came at a huge cost for them – it meant that they were isolated from their own family, including their sons. Her father, Azeem, is crippled and cannot work to support himself and reached out for help.”



Moreover, she pointed out how Qandeel’s parents still need financial aid.

“A few of us in the past have collected money to support their medical bills, rent, and living expenses. As the trial moves forward, the parents are still in need of support. I want to appeal to those who have the means to contribute financially, in any way they can, to support her parents.”

Nighat also stated that she will be keeping tabs on the collection.

However, Maham Ali Khan will be collecting the funds.



Many people have responded to this post. Some responded to Nighat’s concern over Baaghi misleading the parents. They had the following to say:

Via Facebook


While some disagreed with the same views…

Via Facebook


…to which Nighat responded.

Via Facebook


To this, Saba Qamar responded with an Instagram post to say that the show had taken Qandeel’s parent’s consent and weren’t exploiting them

Today is the last episode of BAAGHI but before i write further i would like to clarify few response to some FALSE rumours on fb/social media. First of all i would like to Thank all my viewers and people associated to the success of the esteemed project. Just to clarify 1. We had taken PROPER PERMISSION for the DRAMA SERIAL from the parents, despite the fact that there were only few incidents that were taken from Qandeel s life. 2. The permission was in Urdu so everyone could understand. 3.It was signed by them, they asked for a certain amount in return to which we happily agreed as we in any case wanted to give compensation. I am shocked to see such baseless rumours being spread by someone who has no basis for this. All the information that is being falsely spread is WRONG and BASELESS. it would be nice if people can have their facts checked before making baseless allegations. We understand that it is a sensitive subject and we have handled it in a responsible manner. #sabaqamar @ninakashif @urdu1tv @baaghi_official #shaziakhan #umeraahmed @rind_farooq @zainablakhani

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However, others focused on the issue at hand and agreed to help.

Via Facebook

Additionally, some even suggested more permanent solutions.

Via Facebook

It’s great to see that some people are still looking out for the families left to fend for themselves. If you wish to donate to the cause, you can contact Nighat Dad. We all have the opportunity to help out a family in need. Let’s not let it go to waste.


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