Here Are 11 Things That Will Instantly Make Your Day ‘Brite' And Happy

By MangoBaaz Studio | 1 Aug, 2019

Each day brings with it its challenges. Sometimes you’ll be having an amazing day, and sometimes you’ll have a not so great day. Regardless of what type of day you’re having, you try to find little pockets of happiness and positivity. Here’s a list of things that have made each one of our days just a little bit ‘Brite-r’.


1. Waking up and having your favorite naashta, just to start your day off, the right way!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s equally important that it is GOOD.



2. Hearing your favorite song on your way to school, work, or actually just anywhere.

There’s no happiness like your jam coming on.

Source: MGM


3. Engaging in a meme battle with your friends on social media. 



4. Finding a random 100¬†ka note¬†in a pair of pants you haven’t worn in a while.¬†

No feeling like feeling a little richer.

Source: MGM


5. There is no happiness like the happiness of seeing a daagh successfully removed from a shirt you love. 

Honestly,¬†daaghs¬†can ruin a day, but not to worry, ‘Brite sab Right kardega’!

Source: Brite


6. Good mausam can turn your mood around immediately! 

What’s not to love about some¬†thandi¬†hawa¬†and some¬†baarish.¬†

Source: MangoBaaz


7. Randomly running into your friends. 

‘Oh Hey! What are you doing here?’

Source: NBC


8. When you see your favorite shop has a sale going on!

All you shopaholics know the feeling.

Source: Touchstone Pictures


9. Little bachas add loads of joy into our lives. 

The babies and kids in our lives add a lot of laughs to our days with all the silly things they do.

Source: Brito


10. When your partner surprises you, for no apparent reason. 

It would be something as small as getting you chocolate, all the way up to an impromptu date night. Whatever the reason, and whatever the gift, it just warms your heart.

Source: Brite


11.  After a long day, you come home, lay in your bed and just watch Netflix endlessly.

Honestly, after a busy day, you just need to put your feet up and indulge in some good old Netflix.

Source: MGM


Brite detergent recently launched their new tagline, ‘Brite sab right kargdega’,¬†and honestly it can fit into a lot of situations of our lives. What are some moments in your day that are ‘Brite’ and make you happy? Let us know in the comments.

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