Heartbreaks Every Pakistani Makeup Lover Goes Through

By Malaika Tahir | 8 Aug, 2016

Being a makeup lover is not easy. Sure, you get to be the center of attention at every party for your “ravishing” good looks but nobody knows the struggles you go through behind the whole process of makeup application and maintaining that perfect look.

Here are just some of the heartbreaks that a makeup lover in Pakistan has to go through:


1. When you drop it

Only you know how you’ve paid for your favorite eye shadow palette, and when you drop it, you watch it fall, in slow motion and you feel like cursing the universe and begging for it to have time travel so you can go back in time and stop yourself from dropping your precious baby.

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2. When you ask the price and they ask you for your car

When you realize that the mascara or lipstick everyone around is going nuts for will probably cost you your kidney.

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3. When it’s out of stock

You’ve been dreaming to get your favorite makeup item, but just when you have the money and are ready to get your hands on that beauty, you find out its out of stock.

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4. When it gets expired

You know they smell bad, and you know expired makeup is not good for you, but its so hard to let something you love so much go without it even getting a chance to finish itself.

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5. When you realize you forgot to put something on when you reach an event

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Any makeup lover knows that detail is important. When you’re in a rush and forget to put on even a smallest bit of something you love, your heart breaks a little. Specially if you forget to highlight! That’s a nightmare. How will you glow at the event without it


6. When it ends

Goodbyes are always hard.


7. When it doesn’t take the heat well

Just like a pet, makeup needs not just love and care but a nice temperature for it to live comfortably. It takes just one time for you forget to put them in the right place, and you find they have melted under the heat. Then you google the ways on how to to not only fix the broken lipstick but your heart as well.

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8. When mother nature doesn’t cooperate

When mold decides to attack your make up. You had the whole world to attack mold, why my makeup? Why? It is not even edible.

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9. When you have to wash it

They say you should wash it often, but sometimes you do get lazy because lets face it, makeup sponges and brushes take ages to wash and then dry, so you just embrace those germs sometimes, giving up on hygiene, but you don’t tell nobody about this dirty little secret of yours.

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10. When they increase its price

You loved the few things that were constant in your life and suddenly, your favorite makeup company decides to increase the prices. Why did you have to change and break my heart?

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11. When you get the wrong shade

You spent a fortune on something that doesn’t even suit you. You even consider putting it up on OLX for sale.

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12. When you never figure out how to use it

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You wet the beauty blender? WHAT? I have been using it dry all this time.


13. When your innocent self finds herself ordering a fake one

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You should have known that the price sounded too good to be true.


14. When people around you don’t appreciate it

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You wait for someone to notice your new lipstick shade, you get a little too close in the hope that your friends notice but sometimes they never do.


15. When your one wing is perfect but the other isn’t even close

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16. When you realize the world doesn’t accept you with or without it

When you wear a little more than you usually do, people comment that you look different, when you don’t wear any, people still comment. So you have just learned to do what you love and stop caring what people think or say about your makeup because you do it for yourself in the first place, anyway.



17. When you realize that tutorials are overrated

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They make it look so easy on YouTube, but when you try it out on yourself, you only come face to face with disaster.


18. When you know deep inside that it is an addiction

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You have literally started hoarding lipsticks, pallets and highlighters and you really can’t use them all. So you try to teach yourself self-control so you can keep up your favorite hobby without letting it turn dangerous.


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