13 Things Only People Who Hate Cold Weather Can Relate To

13 Things Only People Who Hate Cold Weather Can Relate To

December is almost around the corner which basically implies more gas load-shedding, doning oneself in countless layers of warm clothes and not going out, that is if your are someone who really abhors cold weather. Here are some of the struggles everyone who hates cold weather will relate to.


1. You act all cool before the winter season actually arrives

As if you are the ultimate Elsa.

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2. However, as soon as it hits 26 degrees outside, you make sure to wear at least 3 layers before stepping out. 

Source: Fiore Forma


3. You hate the itchiness that bonfires and heaters bring, and how they turn your skin dry

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4. The layers and layers of clothing make you sweaty AF

Source: GQ India


5. You refuse to take a shower if the water is anything less than fiery hot.

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6. On the rare occasions when there isn’t any option but to take a shower in neem garam pani you curse your fate

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7. The foggy bathroom makes it hard for you to breath without feeling claustrophobic

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8. You turn into a lazy potato

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9. Rain during the winter season is your worst nightmare.

The mere thought gives you goosebumps.

Source: Zoe Viccaji / YouTube


10. Kambal, Quilts and Hair dryers are your best friends

Hair dryers are super dangerous though.

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11. You just want to hibernate through the entire winter season and be a living example of, “so wake me up when it’s all over”

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12. Car heaters don’t work for you because you know how cold it is outside

Source: Gracie Films


13. And when the winter season is finally over, you go back to being the nang patang that you were before

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What do you hate about the cold weather?


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