Just Some Harry Potter Puns To Help Every Potterhead Get Through The Roza

By Hurmat Riaz | 3 Jun, 2017

A real Potterhead appreciates a good Potter pun. Harry Potter puns are always funny because they’re magical and gold. They always Lumos up your day, Expecto Patronum the sadness away and “siriusly” put you up in a great mood. So, we bring you some Harry Potter puns that will help you get through this roza.


1. This one that the Joker will appreciate as much as Sirius Black

Source: hiccup444 / Tumblr


2. Marauders are just so charmingly witty

Source: ravenclawravings / Tumblr


3. Tom Riddle worked really hard to make horcruxes

Source: timelorddetectivewizard / Tumblr


4. Quidditch puns always get your mood to soar high

Source: fandomlife-universe // Tumblr


5. These are some dark puns

Source: thedrarry / Tumblr


6. No wonder Harry has such magical powers

Source: englishmajorhumor / Tumblr


7. More Marauders puns

Source: hiccup444 / Tumblr


8. Siriusly

Source: usetobeapinetree / Tumblr


9. Ten points to each house for these puns

Source: wizardingviolet / Tumblr


10. Marauder puns are the best puns

Source: holytragedyqueen / Tumblr


11. Or might use extendable ears. Lol

Source: uchiha-bara / Tumblr


12. The wand maker chooses the pun, Mr. Potter

Source: Tumblr


13. Petrified me. LOLOL

Source: Tumblr


14. Do we need to say more how much we love the Marauders??

Source: marauderposts / Tumblr


15. JKR is punny herself

Source: xanthia-riddle-blog / Tumblr


16. Siriusly, these jokes will be passed down through generations

Source: spordicpengiunpizza / Tumblr


17. Harry Potter pick up lines! LOLOL

Source: Pottermore – more than an insider / Facebook


18. Herewolf

Source: slytherin—–princess / Tumblr


19. They had real guts to be punny in front of Professor McGonagall

Source: thosefunnyones / Tumblr


Do you know more Harry Potter puns? Of course you do! Tell us in the comments section and entertain us through this long roza, as well.


Cover image via: NutteHarpalt / YouTube

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