15 Harmless Pranks To Play On Your Siblings Because Behn, Bhai Pe Toh Haq Hai

15 Harmless Pranks To Play On Your Siblings Because Behn, Bhai Pe Toh Haq Hai

We all have a love-hate relationship with our siblings. We love them because we can share everything with them and we hate them because we have to share everything with them. LOL. I’m kidding. Siblings are the kind of friends that come by default and you get to make some life long memories with them if you all have got a funny bone.

Here are some evergreen pranks that you can pull on your siblings that are harmless but funny as hell:


1. Put salt in their mouth while they’re asleep

Don’t forget to film it because you’ll get the best reactions ever.

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2. Change the name of the folders on their laptop to some really creepy stuff

Or hide files in random folders and make them look for it. This is the funniest prank ever but it’ll make you laugh even after ages.

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3. Hack into their laptop and change its password 😈😈😈

And don’t give it away unless they give you pizza in return.

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4. Switch contact names in their phone

And see them get confused that why are they getting inappropriate replies.

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5. Cut the power to the bathroom when they’re inside and lock the door from the outside

Or just flicker the lights annoying the shit out of them.

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6. Make a game of firing a water gun at them every time they come to talk to you

Pranks involving water are always the best!

Source: The Vision Factory Films


7. Put multiple alarms on every alarm clock in the house and put it near their bed as they sleep

Okay that’s brutal and you might get a pay back on this but again, it’s worth all the fun.

Source: Walt Disney Television Animation


8. Paint their face with permanent marker

Paint whatever you want *wink, wink*

Source: viccozae / YouTube


9. Replace sugar with salt so they “accidentally” add salt to their tea

Source: Walt Disney Pictures / Walt Disney Feature Animation


10. Message their crush from their Facebook account, if they leave it unattended and then delete it so they don’t know they messaged their crush

This is the modern way of ruining someone’s day in a funny way. Lolol.

Source: Deedle-Dee Productions


11. Glue shampoo bottle’s cap right before they go in the shower

They might just give up in the struggle of washing their hair.

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12. Cover the soap with transparent nail polish

This is the oldest and one of the funniest pranks in the book.

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13. Change the location of the bookmark in the book they’re reading

Okay. This is brutal. Just remember where it was originally so that they won’t murder you.

Source: Walt Disney Pictures / Walt Disney Feature Animation


14. Hide one shoe from every pair and watch them look around the whole house

Make a map or leave clues to make them hunt for them. Hahahaha…

Source: Deenga


15. Replace the vanilla cream from inside their biscuits with toothpaste

Source: Pranksters in Love / YouTube


But still at the end of all these pranks just apologize because you never know when they are gonna get offended. Though it sometimes turns into a war.

Do you have any pranks that you used to play on your siblings or still play on them? Tell us in the comments section.


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