This Box Is Spreading Happiness Among The Homeless People of Peshawar

By Sarmad Amer | 28 Apr, 2016

Homeless people comprise a disturbingly significant number in Pakistan, with 1.2 million of them only being street children. The only reason for this isn’t the inadequacy of the government, although in large part the responsibility does rest with them. The massive floods and earthquakes, extreme effects of climate change, are a major reason for waves of homelessness each year.


Peshawar in particular has been suffering from a major predicament of an increasing population of homeless people

Homeless Children Pakistan
Source: Israrul Haq/Express

The Society for the Protection of Rights of Children reported in 475 cases of homeless children in the city in 2014, alone. And we all know how reported figures in Pakistan are considerably compressed from actual ones.


The menace of insurgency doesn’t help the cause

Blast in Peshawar
Source: Dawn

The city of Peshawar has to deal with the increasing security challenges due to it’s proximity to regions that are the hub of operations against the Taliban and that diverts attention as well as government resources toward tackling the immediate concern.

A large number of Afghan refugees, many of whom cross the border illegally, add to the government’s already limited resources.


These guys from Peshawar saw the problems of the city’s homeless

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The folks behind a food delivery start-up in Peshawar, Darewro, have been particularly concerned by the increasing homelessness in their city and they wanted to contribute by giving back to the disadvantaged people of Peshawar.


They came up with an innovative ‘Happiness Box’ to help spread as little(or as much) joy as they can to the people who need it

The happiness box provides food for people, laborers who work hard in the harsh sun all day long in Peshawar in this case.

Happiness Box Peshawar
Source: Darewro

This is what they had to say about their amazing venture, “Darewro has started the services of providing food to the less privileged people of Peshawar. We will provide food to the laborers staying there the whole day waiting for work. In Phase # 1 of this project we have installed a happiness box, opposite to Speen Jumat on the wall of PCSIR Laboratories complex [P]eshawar. This box has a capacity to serve 40 individuals. Soon we will increase this capacity”.


They are sticking true to the meaning behind their name

Darewro is a Pashto word which means “bringing”, loosely. And these guys sure are bringing happiness to the needy.

Darewro Happiness Peshawar
Source: Darewro

Right now, they are carrying this on their personal capacity, even turning down people who are looking to help. However, that doesn’t mean this can’t be replicated in other parts of the country.

If we can have a wall of mehrbani to dress people, we sure can have a happiness box to feed those who really need it.

Cover Image via: The Sacramento Bee

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