Hania Just Shaded Shaan After He Trolled Her And Asim's Relationship And 🔥🔥🔥

By Iman Zia | 26 Mar, 2019

So, Shaan decided to poke his nose somewhere it didn’t belong over the weekend; long story short, the actor quite oddly (bina wajah) made a comment about Hania Aamir and Asim Azhar’s relationship by responding to Asim’s ‘BBC Asian Network’ interview on Twitter…


Shaan tweeted a reply to Asim’s interview with a quote that said: “Seek respect, not attention. It lasts longer.”

When questioned about what he meant, the actor said that Asim should not be discussing such a personal matter “on a public forum.”


Honestly, what on earth Shaan.

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People were rightly upset over Shaan’s unwarranteed remark on a matter that didn’t concern him. Hania, being the QUEEN that she is, took Shaan’s comment lightly and gave quite the burn by trolling him back.

Source: @haniaheheofficial/Instagram


Hania uploaded this picture on her Instagram and tagged @asimazhar for taking the photo.

An Instagram user commented underneath the post and said that he took the picture, to which Hania hilariously replied: “Seek respect, not attention.”

Source: @haniaheheofficial/Instagram



Source: NBC


Fans lauded Hania’s savage response and loved how she threw shade back at Shaan!

Source: @haniaheheofficial/Instagram


Source: @haniaheheofficial/Instagram


Source: @haniaheheofficial/Instagram


LEGIT a queen! This is how you handle your haters, you do you hunni!

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Source: @haniaheheofficial/Instagram


Source: @haniaheheofficial/Instagram
Source: @haniaheheofficial/Instagram


Honestly, we love this gal!

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Here’s the original post.

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@asimazhar ’s photography at its best

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