Hamza Ali Abbasi Shared His Opinions On Asma Jehangir And Pakistanis Are Like, “Bas Kar De Bhai”

By Sajeer Shaikh | 7 Aug, 2017

Just a little recap – this is Hamza Ali Abbasi

(Okay, yes. We all know who Hamza Ali Abbasi is. But that’s also because he makes it very hard to forget about him.)

Source: tribune.com.pk

He has a lot of opinions pretty much all the time

Opinions he’s usually pretty proud of.

Source: dawn.com

And because opinions should be expressed in general, he expresses his opinions all the time

Fun guy.

Source: samaa.tv

In an unsurprising turn of events, Hamza Ali Abbasi has more opinions. Opinions that he, obviously, chose to voice. This time around, he decided to get a wee bit more political than usual.

Ah yes, conspiracy theories. Especially those where you take pictures out of context and then use your platform that has a lot of followers to propel your theory further. Classic Hamza.

However, people are really not okay with this very Hamza move. In fact, they’re giving him a bit of a history lesson

Others are telling him to stick to what he knows best

(Listen to her, Hamza. Please.)

Some are even posing counter-questions

Ones that Hamza probably didn’t anticipate.

Our boy Hamza screwed up so bad, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy was also like, “Child, are you okay?”

Okay, she didn’t exactly say that. Here’s what she did say, though:

When Sharmeen hoped that his account had been hacked, Shahbaz Taseer stepped in to say ke nahi, woh hai hee aisa


In fact, he wasn’t the only one

People were really not on board with Hamza’s tweet

Hamza Ali Abbasi has invited a ton of criticism with his tweet. Obviously, it’s nothing new for the actor. But perhaps the backlash could serve as a lesson this time around. Maybe. We don’t know. It’s Hamza Ali Abbasi. You can’t be too sure.

Till then, we’ll leave you all with one tweet that summarizes how pretty much everyone feels about Hamza and his opinions:

What do you guys think about this? Let us know in the comments below.

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