People Are Now Dragging Hamza Ali Abbasi For Allegedly Sharing Fake Emails About Reham Khan

By Sarmad Amer | 3 Jun, 2018

Hamza Ali Abbasi is in the news, yet again. Let that sink in. Now, you may have already heard that he is fighting with another loud mouth, a certain Ms. Reham Khan over a book that she has written about her ex-husband, Imran Khan.


Hamza ignited a feud with Ms. Khan after he tweeted that he had read a manuscript of her book before it released and that the book was trash

There’s no doubt Hamza would find it trash because the book is about Reham’s perspective on her relationship with Imran Khan. At the same time, there’s high probability that Reham will not be remembering her ex-husband in very positive words because of the bitter nature of their divorce and post-divorce relationship. So really, there’s not much story here with Hamza saying she has trashed Imran because she probably has, but of course, this is the internet and rarely do things get resolved in a civilized manner.


So, soon after Hamza’s tweet, Reham retorted by alleging that Hamza reading her manuscript means he obtained it by fraud or theft and said he’s been emailing her threats for about nine months


Ever since then, the two have been engaging in a caustic exchange of words


Reham shared emails between her and Hamza as proof of her statements


So Hamza chose to respond with his version


Even sharing an email exchange that he claimed to have obtained by “independent” hackers which showed Reham establishing contact with Ahsan Iqbal, former Minister for Interior and political rival of Reham’s ex

Via: @TalatHussain12 / Twitter

Well, this is where things take an interesting turn which, unlike PTI’s u-turns, is actually interesting


Soon after, eagle eyed observers noticed that there was something “off” about the email transcript that Hamza Ali Abbasi had shared in a since deleted tweet

And people started calling him out for having shared what is being claimed as forged email exchange


In response, Hamza deleted the tweet and updated with a new version of his email exchange with Reham

He claimed that the errors spotted were actually “some code thing”

Whoops! Bad move, Hamza.


People have been trolling him ever since because it has been decided in the court of public opinion that Hamza lost this war of words because of his “code thing”


And it’s all very entertaining to some


But honestly though, some innocent souls are about done with the whole drama because instead of Hamza being able to call out Reham for what he claims are lies, he has managed to become the butt of the joke himself


To some this whole exercise even feels like a very twisted promotional activity to get the book to become relevant


But there are those who feel that Hamza may have violated cyber laws by getting Reham’s personal emails hacked, if he really has been able to hack them, that is


What do you think about this whole saga? Do you believe Hamza should pay for what some are saying is a cyber crime?


Reham Khan And Hamza Ali Abbasi Are Fighting On Twitter And It’s Getting REALLY Intense



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